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PenguinDrum ep6: I’m growing a little frustrated w/ this show. It makes me wonder something…

It makes me wonder if I watched this show in the traditional way that I used to, would I still be watching it.  Usually, I would do a “Check-in Station” right about here.  This is pretty much second DVD territory.  But I can’t peg it down enough to talk about my hopes or anticipations for where it’s going.  I can barely form an opinion of it.  Technically, I got nothing for this show.  Aside from my ongoing love affair w/ that fabulous transformation sequence that sends me into a joyous fit every time it plays.

I seriously doubt it, but the quality of the narrative could drop off, or the show could go in a direction I completely hate and I wouldn’t be terribly surprised at this point.  It’s just so f*cking random.  In one corner, the bad corner, we have something that doesn’t really connect with me emotionally when it comes to the story or the characters… well, there was that one flashback where we saw how badass Mr. Takakura was when he hiked Himari on his back to the hospital and allowed Kanba’s dumbass to tag along without yelling at him.  That was one hell of a cool dad.  Alright, I’ll give it that moment.

Well, there’s the necessary evil known as Ringo, who is just a HORRIBLE person.  Jeez!  What a selfish, tunnel-visioned female.  She has this amazing, and yet appalling trait of being idiotically dedicated to a goal and purpose.  Add her roller coaster style luck and you get a character that… well, she does keep things interesting.  I’ll give her that.  I hate her, but at times she’s the only real game in town.  Until recently of course, we now have that crazy Juri look-alike going around sniper lobotamizing everyone.  And given the most recent episode, I do pity her quite a bit.

The end of this episode was just sad.  She’s like a terminally diseased animal.  You may not want to remember, but you know what I’m talking about.  Those same animals PETA highlights when warning people of the dangers of anime abuse and neglect.  That’s her soul right now.  Eaten away, warped and diseased due to a number of circumstances.  Possibly one of the biggest reasons for that being her dumbass mother.

I’m tempted to go into a tirade lashing out at these rather laughable fictional parents who have these “private” conversations late at night that terminally warp their children.  But that’s a post that I won’t tackle for the time being.

I’m loathe to speak about the Takakura siblings because Himari is just a trophy at this point, bubbling with and cuteness, but a trophy nonetheless.  The younger sibling, Shouma should probably be in a harem because he’s a classic door mat, wishy~washy protagonist.  He’s good for some comedy and to absorb some punishment from Ringo (HA!  For some reason I just made him a Tank.  Sorry, too much League of Legends.), and some comedy (mostly from his Penguin) but that’s about it.  And Kanba doesn’t seem like a particularly engaging bishounen.  Then again he doesn’t have to be.  He just needs to do things perfectly and sparkle at the right moment.

My sincerest hope is that the characters who still have strong parts to play will bring out everyone’s A game once they reveal more of themselves.  It’s a lot to hope that Keiji and Yuri will do that, but Yuri’s at least shown herself to be amazingly aware of the situation around her, and Keiji….  well f*ck him.  I still don’t know what his overall role is.  I’ll throw my dice down and make a random bet that he’s downright twisted and evil.  If not then he’s just lame and deserves character death.  Just turn him into a statue with a penis propped up against a wall in his apartment and he’ll serve just as much usefulness.

Well, that’s a shock.  I told myself I’d never watch this show under normal circumstances, and then told everyone reading this why I didn’t find it compelling and I have myself a blog post.  Apparently, I’m tsundere for this show.  “I-It’s not like I think you’re interesting or anything.”


Further Reading:

  • I imagine plenty of you are able to grasp this series and its LOADS of symbolism more easily.  If you don’t then this post will certainly help.
  1. August 21, 2011 at 09:39

    Haha, sometimes shows like this get you so interested that you can’t t do anything but watch them.

    • August 21, 2011 at 21:52

      That’s pretty much what’s going on here. This show doesn’t rely on plot so much as it relies on symbolism and a VERY attentive viewer. I have a feeling this show will be a great group rewatch for some people though.

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