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#TigerandBunny ep8: “Then my concept of justice is arresting idiots like you!” #anime

There are plenty of things that bug me about this episode and the universe of Tiger and Bunny in general. First of all, how does a kid get charged and convicted of murder for obviously accidentally firing the handgun? How can a public start to see a guy named LUNATIC as their solution to crime through outright murder? Doesn’t make sense to me, but it’s not my universe. I’m just having trouble adjusting to the contrivances of the show. As anime fan who watches many shows a week, I have gotten used to this sort of thing on a general scale. It’s just now and then that things don’t stick and they assault my logic.

That said, this may have been my favorite episode so far. I always wondered where an how Origami Cyclone fit into the scale of things. I had no idea though that he was even lower on the totem pole than Tiger. Ouch. His ability is definitely not offensive, but only in this strange topsy-turvy world where
everything we think is cool isn’t would the ability to be a shape shifter be considered a bad thing. Obviously they don’t have comic books or Star Trek in that universe. If they did then this wouldn’t even be an issue. Wake up dude! You’re already a ninja! This could just make you the ultimate spy! Not everyone has to have elemental abilities or super strength.

It was interesting to see Tiger, Bunny and Origami at the NEXT academy. There different opinions really stood out. Of course when Bunny mentioned that points were the most important thing about being a hero, I groaned and cursed his existence under my breath. When Tiger mentioned saving people, I smiled and was pleased to see the students there hadn’t been completely tainted by the corporate hierarchy and culture (“Fight the power!”). But when Origami mentioned flashing the sponsors I just dropped my head. It was sad, but I was glad to see the students realize that as well.

And I had no idea Origami was so damned depressed under that goofy outfit. I haven’t used this word in awhile, but he was damn near emo. I’m glad this shook him out of his funk and maybe we’ll get to see his character used more and in better ways from now on. Sucks what happened to his friend though. A sandman type of character as a Hero would have been great. I still think he got a raw deal and I’m really glad to see he lived, even though he went back to prison.

As for Lunatic, he’s playing dirty with the criminals, you know killing them and all, but he’s been surprisingly amicable with the Heroes. It’s starting to look like he’s not Bunny’s end game, but he is a dangerous maverick and an immediate problem. I think he’s gonna start confronting the Heroes more directly after this episode.

The best part of this episode for me though was that it looked like Tiger was finally getting through to Bunny. It was taking long enough. I enjoy things much more when they fight criminals, than when they fight each other.
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  1. June 18, 2011 at 15:17

    “This could just make you the ultimate spy!”

    Lunatic -> Light

    At the first episode, I saw that Origami Cyclone had like 400 points or something, and was always waiting for him to be introduced…

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