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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: May 8th (totally late, but still pervy)

I can’t believe we’re well into May.  This has not been a quiet year, nor a quiet week.  But I’m not gonna get into politics or who killed who.  I just want a peaceful life where I can watch some good anime, drink well and enjoy my time with friends and family.

Anime Images of the Week

It has been a week of ruined expectations for my anime watching.  A show I thought I’d drop is starting to appeal to me, and a show I thought might impress me isn’t convincing me to give it much more time.  But good old Gosick doesn’t disappoint, and neither does Tiger and Bunny.  For over a solid month I’ve been able to rely on these shows for decent entertainment.

The two shoes moving up in the ranks appear to be Dog Days, which I firmly placed in the bottom tier of everything I was watching, and C.  What I thought was bland and trite is showing a little more hope as I learn the relationships and workings of the world of Dog Days.  The fights aren’t bad at all, very silly and flashy, but not bad.  You’ll probably hear this a dozen more times should I continue to watch it.  Dog Days is like a cute very commercialized version of Dynasty Warriors/Romance of the Three Kingdoms; and I believe some fun can be squeezed from that.

C is not as awkward a sword to watch as it is to categorize.  At first I was sticking around for the concept, but maybe there’s some more intensity to the world of C than I had anticipated.  What I thought was something technological now appears to be magical (& not that lame Apple brand of magic, either).  I’m still very short of recommending it to anyone, but I’m intrigued.

And now for the problem, Nichijou.  I have no effing idea what to think of this show.  It competes to be the most random thing I’ve ever watched with every episode, but it doesn’t mean I’m always laughing.  I’ll give it two more episodes.  That’s the most I can give it.  If it doesn’t compel me beyond that, then I don’t think I can give it any more time.  With nearly twenty anime rotating in and out of my watch queue, I can’t really afford to watch something I’m not invested in.    I need to drop and finish some anime.

Manga Images of the Week

First of all, One Piece rules!  Oda is doing a fine job with the Fisher Tiger flashback story, and seeing the history of the Fishmen is long overdue.  It comes as no surprise, but it’s still interesting to see that Arlong was a hateful a-hole the entire time.

Second, I’m beginning to enjoy two newer manga (even though I haven’t completed a manga in ages).  Hayate X Blade isn’t laugh out loud funny or exciting to me, yet.  It’s getting there though.  I’ll know if I’m truly enjoying this manga if I pick out favorite characters and scenes.

The other manga I’ve read haven’t left me much to write about.  Naruto won’t really get spectacular until Naruto joins the war, and I’ve lost most of my hope of calling this series a show about ninja.  This is nothing but high level monsters fighting at this point.  They might as well be summons in your RPG.

Pervy Images of the Week

What can I say?  I love pervy images!  I love my collages of them.  And I love the fact that it is a part of the reason why I started my blog and why it survives to this day.  Though I am a bit depressed that my Check-in Station of Yosuga no Sora is my most popular post right now.  Really guys?

Well anyway, I got material this week for all sorts of people.  It got stuff for breast men, butt men, pseudo furries (you people creep me out).  Even stuff for you crazy yaoi fans; look hard or you’ll miss.  Then realize this, a little girl drew that and your arousal has only succeeded in sending you to hell.  And if that’s not enough, the couple banging over there in the bottom right corner, the girl is a ghost.  That’s right.  That guy is F*CKING a ghost.  Technically a dead person.  Your welcome.

Ay!  If you’re not truly ready for the pervy images of the week then don’t scroll down here.  Just because this blog is about anime and manga, doesn’t mean your only gonna see panty shots of  and underboob.

Hope you enjoyed my images for this week.  I’m gonna leave you with my second favorite pic of the week.  A mouse bludgeoned to death by toast.  Good day!

Further Reading:

  • I enjoy Sea Slugs! take on Dog Days.  Unlike me they can get their posts out of on time.  Probably because I heard they have an enforcer that visits everyone’ home and flogs them if they miss a deadline!  DUDE!  I also have to agree with their thoughts on Mai in Nichijou.  She might be the element that kills my potential enjoyment of this show.
  • Random Curiosity’s take on C.  I would like to visit her blog more often, but my firewall at work says it’s “Adult Content.”  Ha!  That’s somewhat ironic.  So far no one has trouble visiting my blog for that reason, which is just plain negligent of the Internet Police.
  • A very good analysis of that excellent episode from C this week.
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