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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: April 24th (I <3 Succubi)

Happy Easter!  And so ends and begins another week of anime.  I put in work last week.  And while I didn’t get around to much in the way of manga, I have good news….  The Pervy Images of the Week are back!  I know, I know.  High fives all around.  This blog is still a No Fap Zone so don’t get too excited.  Now let’s begin.  I’m on an old school gaming binge as of late and I got some more Mega Man to play.

Surprise! I’m watching Shippuuden again. A coworker informed me (yes, there are Narutards here too) that the latest arc was nearing completion. So I decided to come out of my filler induced coma and try to catch up.

While the Pain arc was one of the highlights of Shippuuden to me in the manga; the Five Kage Summit arc was one of its lows.  Anyone who has followed me during the height of my Naruto watching knows I’m a member of Team Death to Sasuke.  And while the previous arc was all about Naruto, this one is all about Sasuke and it brings all the problems you can imagine with it.  That said, so far I’m getting some enjoyment out of this and it’s always fun to see how the previously unseen manga characters translate to the world of animation.  I don’t doubt that I’ll be all caught up in a week or two so expect another update then.

Anime Images of the Week

The Spring season is in full swing with probably everything that was supposed to have aired started; and all of Winter season finally complete with the spectacular ending of Madoka Magica (boy was that delayed).  First let’s start with what I finished.  Madoka Magica.

Madoka Magica (barring some bad reflection and a poor rewatch) is a 10 in my book.  For a mere twelve episode series, it backed some powerful enjoyment into this deceptively harsh but fluffy package.  I only wish I had forced myself to complete some of the popular shows that preceded it before I got smacked in the face with Kyuubey and its emotionless dour take on life.  Highly recommended.  And it should make for an interesting rewatch in time.

Of the Spring anime I’ve taken to, several have stood out for very different reasons.  At the top of my list is Tiger & Bunny.  I’m not sure how spectacular this show will end up being once it’s complete, but it has shown wonderful heart through the first three episodes I’ve watched.  Men admire Kotetsu’s idealistic beliefs on heroism.  And women admire Kotetsu’s sexy facial hair and old school heroism.  And I’m sure Barnaby (Bunny) could learn a few things from them.  They’re a painful team to watch right now, but I’m starting to get high hopes for them and the show.

It’s a near tie for me for the most interesting Spring show after that.  Deadman Wonderland has gotten my attention for being the possibly the most sick, stomach turning thing I’ve watched since Gantz.  It’s first episode didn’t particularly impress, but the second episode was a bit of a gut punch.  C (The Money of Soul and Possibility Control) got my attention not only for the concept and some exciting moments, but for the HORRID CGI that peppered the second episode in particular.  It threatens to scuttle a rather enjoyable experience.  “Loli on ball” jokes aside I want to take this ridiculous series seriously enough to dissect it.  Let’s hope I can suck it up enough to do that.  It’s on the five episode test list like everything else I’ve mentioned.

And then there’s Astarotte’s Toy, I had a smile on my face watching the whole first episode.  Maybe it’s not as good as I’m hoping, maybe I’m starved for pervy anime after I failed to latch onto Infinite Stratos, Oniichan or Freezing.  I’m not sure, but I desperately latching onto this show for my fix of pantyshots and ecchi humor.  Plus hearing Rie Kugimiya’s voice gets old, but never old enough for me to stop watching a series because of it.  Eventually, she always wins me over.

Speaking of Rie Kugimiya, I tested out the first episode of Hidan no Aria and spat it out like a spoonful of peas (I hate peas).  That brings up a whole host of other “maybes”.  Like maybe I should listen to my own advice more often and never pick up a show based on the voice talent.  Maybe I’m bitter at the show for denying me precious pantyshots and ecchi goodness.  Maybe I resent cookie cutter tsundere that Rie Kugimiya is playing AGAIN in this series.  This show may be trying to survive off of its “Badass Quotient”, but I’ve never been one to be in love with lolis with guns for the sake of lolis with guns.  Episode 2 better impress or it may not make it to the end of the five episode test.

The only show that I believe I missed posting was Dog Days, which is a cute show in its own right.  But I doubt that it’s gonna survive me watching five episodes of it.  It doesn’t seem compelling enough despite the cute, highly appealing character designs.  We’ll see as I have episodes three and four on my plate this week to watch.

Rounding out the week are more episodes of Shiki and Gosick.  I’ve probably spoken about Gosick ad nauseum at this point, and it’s well documented that I love the show.  Shiki‘s about due for a Check-in Station, but I still got a little farther to go.  Should be fun though.

Pervy Images of the Week

It’s an eclectic mix of Astarotte’s Toy, Maria+Holic S2 (which I promptly dumped after one episode), and others.  I couldn’t help but include a few of the infamous balls scenes from C in the collage either.  I wonder if this show will ever live that second episode of the bad CGI down?

Oh yeah!  I got a shot of Blue Rose’s (Tiger & Bunny) butt, some bondage gear, some loli on loli facemounting and even a teeny tiny bra size.  You gotta be impressed the perviness of all of that!

Alright, as I maul a chocolate bunny and these chocolate peanut butter eggs (I’m sure Jesus would be so proud and as I destroy these pagan idols) I bid you guys another happy Easter and hope to see you again next week without anymore interruptions.  Now old school gaming again awaits.  See you in hell Drill Man!  Come on Mega Man!  Ganbatte!!!

Further Reading (because not everyone agrees with me, let alone likes me):

  • Not everyone shares my tentatively positive opinion of Deadman Wonderland.  But it’s universal that you NEVER go full retard.
  • There is a steady fanclub building for people who hate the first two episodes of many series and C’s sh*tty CGI (say that three times fast without spitting on your sister).
  • I’m not doing a Check-out Station for Madoka Magica.  I don’t feel like I need to or want to explain my joy at watching and completing the series.  but if you need an in depth review I agree with Glenn’s take.  I mean anything that makes Picard smile can’t be bad.
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