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Gosick ep13: Victorique can now be a character in Blaz Blue

Sure, Victorique’s new rolling kick isn’t that impressive, it’s probably useless.  But she could always be one of those special support characters that don’t actually do much besides add a special item or do one move.  That special item could be confectioneries for health, and the move would obviously be that rolling kick.  She’s still practically useless, but think of the cuteness factor!  My random, pointless fantasies aside, I thought this episode built up what I think could be a rather intriguing mystery.  Though I do wonder if Leviathan (an awesome name for anyone who isn’t morbidly obese) somehow culled the materials to produce the gold from the boy.  Something’s not quite fitting right for me though.  He must’ve killed Ian after he had seen the queen though.  They never would’ve let him escape the tower if the crown prince had been killed.  Oh well, there’s no great thrill in it for me should I solve the mystery before I even get to see the next episode.

The rest of the episode was just filled with things I loved, and some stuff I usually hate but I’ve learned to tolerate.  It was great fun to see Victorique get pissed off at a pop-up book.  And while I genuinely believe Grevil would pull more ladies with his hair down, I’ve gotten used to the pompadour hairstyle I prefer him with it now.

I’m not gonna get too into Avril-Kujo-Victorique love triangle because it’s one of those artificial things created by one character’s general stupidity.  I’m honestly starting to believe that puberty for male anime characters doesn’t start until their twenties.  Because anime’s view of puberty seems to revolve around the belief that their hormones (& by extension their interest in females) doesn’t kick in until much later.  They look like prepubescents in these shows, it’s just sad.

Oh wait. Damn it.  I went off on the terrible way most anime/manga tend to deal with teenage relationships.  Unless it’s centralized to the plot the male usually ignores it.  And if it is centralized to the plot then the female (& sometimes the male) takes the “damsel in distress” route.  We all know where this is going.

Oh no Victorique!  Look out!  You’re in serious danger once the show gets into the twenties!

Alright, despite my heightened level of pessimism and sarcasm I really do believe this was a good episode.  I wouldn’t spotlight a single episode for the Check-in Station unless it was… or unless after a being previously delirious from a heightened fever I felt like I needed something to keep my mind grounded and focused.

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