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#AllStarSuperman: this is the best I’ve seen a animated Superman story done.

And this had one of the best endings to a movie I’ve seen.   That’s pretty high praise.

If I were to imagine Superman’s story ending, I would want it to be this way. Much better than fantastical stuff like him living up to the end of existence, or dying by the hands of some freak accident by one of his loser enemies.  He lives on forever with the sun? He dies saving it? It doesn’t matter.  This movie did three things I didn’t think I would ever see the DC universe allow.  They killed in a way that wasn’t sad or tragic.   They gave him children, or at least the possibility.   They reformed Lex Luthor.

The movie, while not perfect, made good use of the elements of Superman’s world.  Allowing Lois to enter Superman’s world for a day.   Showing what personally makes him so special by showing that he’s not just all brawn like those clowns Samson and Atlas.   Showing that not just anyone could be as humble or as competent as him by introducing us the Kryptonian astronauts (what a pair of royal assholes).   And showing us that the difference between him and Luthor isn’t a lack of super powers.   The difference is that Superman cares to help people each and everytime selflessly.   While Luthor, despite all his cries and claims, never cared to do that once.

I have to say.   The first half was a bit of a mixed bag for me.   A bit of love, and some elements that I hated.   Atlas and Samson were were almost too much to bear.  Everything picked up once Clark Kent interviewed (or tried to) Luthor.

It also felt like a lot was squeezed into the movie, but then again this could all be conceivable for Superman in this universe.   The comic books make daily life seem pretty harrowing.   Superman’s last days should be appropriately eventful after all.

“If it had mattered to you Luthor, you could have saved the world years ago.”

In the end, the movie is a triumph of what can be done with Superman.   At least in a relatively short format.   Superman was successfully transformed into a mythical hero, even in this age of heroes he shines.   I look forward to seeing if any of the other DC animated movies can come close to competing with this one.   Right now I’m just looking forward to reading the comic that inspired this.

I wonder how Lois Lane will feel telling her son that his daddy’s watching over them, literally, every day?
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