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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: February 14th (Boobs don’t work that way!)


I’m back, and even though I had to take off the previous week for various reasons (corrupted flashdrive again, I swear I’ve learned my lesson this time) and I’m a day late on this post, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy on the anime or manga front. So while you’ve been compiling a list of your favorite romantic moments on your blog, or setting up a romantic candle-lit dinner for your dakimakura, I’ve been hard at work. Let’s get to it. And hopefully after this you can all leave the house/apartment/basement/stuffy dorm and meet someone in the real world.

Anime Images of the Week


For whatever reason, I’ve put off catching up on Madoka Magica for about a month.  I’ll just say it was kinda hard for me to come back to the episode where I stopped.  But not that I’ve gotten a chance to catch up again, I’m very happy I mini-marathoned those latest three episodes.  This show has filled a niche that I didn’t think needed filling.  It’s deliciously dark in a way that has made me love shows like Evangelion and Alien Nine.  It’s a deconstruction a very familiar world/genre with some brutal truths behind it.

As for everything else I’ve watched, Star Driver continues to entertain me easily from week to week.  It continues to be itself (a surprisingly light-hearted and funny show that just barely teases us with its potential to go dark) all the while evolving and keeping things from being too predictable.   A lot of people are calling the two new females from Vanishing Age lesbians, I don’t know if that’s confirm-able yet.  Regardless of sexual orientation they’ve proven to be a nagging pain in the ass.  Their presence so far has just barely managed to stay on the positive side of my annoyance meter so far.  I wonder what kind of delicious trap they have set for Wako, Sugata and Takuto.

After that I got to watch some Bakuman which continues a string of interesting episodes where the characters aren’t spending so much time swimming about in the much that is this show’s romance, and instead are pulling out some real ideas and a little drama from their manga-related endeavors.  Dream Eater Merry continues to be pretty, and episode five was a nice increase in the show’s intensity.  Though I can’t say I’m very impressed with the story itself up until this point.  And then there’s Infinite Stratos….


I have a whole post set aside for my thoughts on that series.  For now, I’m just going to say that that German chick slapping the sh*t out of Ichika is the best thing that has happened in the show in a couple of weeks.

Manga Images of the Week

I’m really struggling to get some diversity into my manga as of late.  Every week I promise it, and most of the time I fail to deliver.  To absolve myself a bit, I did just get Osamu Tezuka’s classic manga Ayako in its entirety in the mail recently and have been reading it for the past week.  Unfortunately, I no longer have a scanner and am hesitant to risk my job by using work property to deliver you the images.  So for now you’ll just have to take my word for it.  I wonder if I promise Ayako images will that mean I’ll be able to bring you more diverse manga images instead?  It’s a sketchy leap in logic.  Hell, it sounds more like superstition than anything else.

When it comes to the manga I actually have proof of reading, it’s been all shounen manga material.  But instead of it being the usual Big 3 battle manga being exclusively showcased (with an occasional appearance by Claymore) I got a chance to pick Hajime no Ippo back up after finishing the anime New Challenger last month.  The anime itself was very entertaining, though it did have its own noticeable flaws.  That being the case I couldn’t just leave things in the poor place they stood for the anime.

I picked the manga up right after the Takamura versus Hawk fight ended, the perfect place.  It quickly moved into well respected Kamogawa flashback arc which I found very impressive and tragic.  Xenophobia aside.  This arc is why Morikawa is one of my favorite manga-ka.  You could tell the heart and soul he put into this story.  It’s all relatively short, but very detailed.  And at times gruesomely beautiful.  The pics I took for the collage are proof of that.

The Big 3 are moving along nicely and amazingly I’m happy with where all three of them are at right now, even Bleach!  One Piece is naturally working its way through its arc and all the confusion and introductions in the beginning are starting to work their ways into a defined structure and order.  Enemies are being made, as are alliances.  Naruto continues its precarious balancing act of focusing on characters other than Naruto and his familiar side cast.  The fights lately have been intriguing puzzles.  Though these new brothers from the cloud village seem to be a pair of absolute monsters.  Something about them really makes me want to see Killer Bee and Naruto take them on head to head.  And Bleach seems to be incorporating a little Hunter X Hunter into its storyline.  Something I find to be very welcoming.  Hopefully Ichigo’s stupidity doesn’t bog things down too badly, because I think Kubo may have something special here.

Pervy Images of the Week

Oh Pervy Images of the Week, I know this section may seem perfect for Valentine’s Day, but there’s nothing romantic about this section at all.  And given the pics I’ve chosen, there’s nothing that can be done in there that you can’t do by accident or while sexually assaulting someone anywhere.  I will say one thing though.  Some of the most interesting things from this week in anime are featured in the pervy section.  Didn’t see that coming did you?

First of all, everyone’s crying rape at the end of episode 18 of Star Driver.  I’m personally not ruling out some cuddling, assisted masturbation (still rape, in a way) or a golden shower.  It’s gotta be something to cool off Sugata’s strong libido.  I suppose they can’t have him calling forth the King’s Throne in his sleep now can they?

The other swirling vortex of controversy, if you wanna call it that (I do), revolves around the new French pilot in Infinite Stratos‘ boobs.  Her name is Charles… *sigh* and she was set up as a trap, quite literally.  She’s possibly the worst, least androgynous, most obvious trap I’ve ever seen.  No woman I’ve talked to has approved of the way they chose to handle her boobs in that show.  They’re a pretty decent size once they’re revealed, but somehow she’s completely flat in that skin tight outfit that she has to wear when she pilots.  In short, “boobs don’t work that way!”  That’s exactly where I got the title of this post from.  I already have a bone to pick with this series as it is, please don’t make it seem like you can iron out a woman’s titties into the thickness of construction paper.  Also, if you’re wondering why I got a picture of a cat in my collage, it’s because he’s next to Lucy’s thighs.  And I do think Lucy has some nice thighs.

Well, that should do it for this week.  I’m actually two weeks behind on Pink Chainsaw♥ for some reason, so hopefully I’ll make up for that next week.  Also, I’m promising Ayako scans (not of whole chapters, just maybe a page or two) next week.  Maybe that way through some weird law of the universe I’ll actually get around to all the other manga series I sporadically seem to read.  I know some people probably think it would kill me to miss a week of the Big 3.  You guys have a good week and a great Valentine’s Day.  Hopefully outside.  Seriously, put the anime down for a day.

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