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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 30th (Giant Mermaid Win-ness)


It’s almost February and I think I’m getting a bit of cabin fever and the winter “BLAHS”.  Couple that with me still being in Madoka Magica mourning, and you’ll see why I’m a bit less than peppy (insert barrel roll joke).  Don’t get me wrong, the anime and manga coming out week to week is excellent.  I just need a splash of sunlight and a good vacation.  Regardless, my mood didn’t affect my enjoyment of the excellent manga and anime I watched this week.


Anime Images of the Week


The biggest event for me this week wasn’t the enlightening Star Driver episode, it was the ongoing saga of Luffy to save his brother Ace.  Well, that’s no more and the news should hardly be considered a spoiler for anyone who even casually follows One Piece.  Every week of this show has seemed like a new benchmark for the series as episode after episode increases the intensity and overall heart of the series.  This week’s episode was potentially one of the best I’ve seen from the series so far, but I know better is coming.  Despite my gripes about the piss poor quality of the Funimation streams, I still recommend you catch the newest episodes on their One Piece site or on HULU.  Like I’ve been saying for weeks, you’re missing some legendary stuff.  By the way, aren’t the Blackbeard Pirates the biggest collection of butt ugly bastards you’ve ever seen?  Holy sh*t those guys are a top-tier collection of facial fail!

Now as for Star Driver, that had my second favorite episode of the week.  It felt like a long overdue watershed for the series.  Not only was their some decent competition for Takuto for once (ginga bishounen pounces ginga bishounen), but we got even the tiniest glimpse into Takuto’s past and what made him the way he was today.  There are still many mysteries left in the series, so that watershed is mostly likely no more than a trickle of information.  I still believe this show is well into its stride and it will be interesting to see how things take shape now that Takuto’s most potent opponents has been routed.  I still maintain that the triangular relationship between Takuto, Wako and Sugata will breed some conflict.

The rest of the anime consisted of a decent episode of Pink Chainsaw (Kore Zombie) that gave me a portfolio’s worth of pervy images, and a few unanswered questions.  Though I still maintain that Eu is too cute and innocent to have killed someone just to revive them again.  Even though she is a necromancer it just doesn’t make sense.

Dreameater Merry is moving along at its own pace and I wish it would focus more on hammering home a potential interesting plot, or at least making the battle sequences seem more… challenging or dynamic.  It’s a serious candidate for being dropped after five episodes.  Fairy Tail seems to be approaching its climax for what has been a rather entertaining arc.  This latest episode at least gave some good comedy.

And then there’s Infinite Stratos,  which is barely treading water in my book.  Why does every episode of a show, that should appeal to me on a base level, feel like such a boring chore?  It’s probably the flat characters and the energy sapping, hope killing harem drama that is an integral part of the show.  God help me, I’m not sure I can finish this if an episode full of action can’t carry me through.


Manga Images of the Week


It always feels good when I can read a diverse array of manga.  And by diverse I mean 80% shounen and 20% everything else.  Everything else generally being composed of ecchi or yuri material.  And some of that material being ecchi and yuri.  I decided to pick up Hajime no Ippo where the New Challenger manga left off and jumped straight into a very interesting flashback arc.  I’m not saying it’s racist, but it certainly comes across as xenophobic, even if it does cover a very sensitive period of Japan’s history.

As for my more regular material, I got a nice telling chapter from Nana to Kaoru, which I enjoy as much for its characters as I do the premise and the art.  Naruto continues its zombie war with some very intriguing potential matchups, but too often this arc feels like a load of fanfiction to me.  I love it and hate it at the same time.  One Piece keeps chugging along during its Fishman Island arc.  And Oda has a lot of work to do to make this arc outstanding as not only his best, but also his latest material.  I have confidence this is going to be excellent though.  He’s building something special with a nice attention to detail and world building.


Pervy Images of the Week♥


I have to give a special shout out to Pink Chainsaw for all the excellent pervy images it gave me this week.  It wasn’t easy narrowing them down.  Supernatural was never so hot, nor such a guilty pleasure.

On the anime front, I got some nice Cecilia booty (those form-fitting outfits are a gift and a curse).  And some ginga bishounen in the tub.  Hey like I said before, the pervy images aren’t just for the women.  On the manga side, I got some bondage, some loli flashing, some fapping to lolis and some booty in a g-string and nurse’s outfit that I didn’t need to see.  I also included Karin Kurosaki in the collage because she’s growing up quite nicely.  It’s amazing what some height and boobage can do for a girl’s image.

That’s it for this week.  Not much else to say except make sure you check out One Piece as soon as possible.  Don’t be a punk like me and keep up with your Madoka Magica and expect the pervy images to be even pervier.  See you next week!

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