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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: January 23rd (The loli LOL’s at your shenanigans!)

Another mildly productive week of anime watching. This week was rather interesting though. I got a good amount of variety in here. Though I feel once again I have failed to provide enough pervy. I’ll let anyone visiting be the judge of how good or bad that is. For now, let’s get straight into it.

Anime Images of the Week


First and foremost, the classic SDF Macross is completed and out of my queue now.  I really enjoyed it, but you can get my more complete opinion on it in my post on We Remember Love.   After that it’s just been a week of delightful and entertaining anime (with one exception).  One Piece finally has gotten to its most crucial point in the Marineford arc and they couldn’t have done that episode much better in my opinion.  If you’re a One Piece fan and aren’t keeping up with the anime right now you’re really missing out.  This arc has just been lovely.

There was a tie for second best episode I watched this week (not counting Macross and some of its outstanding episodes).  That tie was between Star Driver episode 15 and Pink Chainsaw episode 3.  I think for the first time in the entire series Star Driver had an episode that did not involve a giant robot battle, there wasn’t even a physical confrontation.  It was just a well done character focused episode that seems to be building up to a very important episode.  And Pink Chainsaw gave us some nice background on how the zombie and necromancer characters met.  I’m really looking forward to seeing how that series plays out.

The best of the rest includes the second episode of Dream Eater Merry, which didn’t give us much more than atmosphere.  Gosick is a decent, but less than compelling watch right now, with its best moment being Victorique’s ridiculous laugh.  Something that I’m sure has become a meme by now.  Heartcatch Precure is a delightful and easy watch with Erika becoming one of my favorite characters in the show.  And finally there is Infinite Stratos, which has become an exercise in patience and tolerance.  Through these two episodes I haven’t there was felt much to hold onto and it’s rather amazing that I’ve held on for this long.


Manga Images of the Week


It was a somewhat light week for manga, but I still managed to enjoy myself a bit.  I’m slowly plodding through Hayate X Blade and am so happy that I’m finally getting to see some combat.  I do feel like it won’t last long though.  Naruto had outstanding chapter that was both emotional and exciting.  It made me forget my complaints about the zombies for just a moment.  The only other entry from the Big 3 this week (since I believe Bleach‘s Kubo has the flu) was from One Piece which is doing an excellent job of getting me excited about this Fishman Island arc.  I think Oda is building up something here that could last a long time and be very exciting.  I’m hoping for something more along the lines of Water Seven as opposed to the Sky Island arc.

The only disappointment this week was from Good Ending that had a couple of decent chapters, and they appeared to be moving the plot along nicely.  It’s just that one chapter had the most annoying, cliché ending/cliffhanger in all of entertainment.  If characters are going to reach a misunderstanding, then I prefer it to be through dialogue and not worn to death tropes.



Pervy Images of the Week

The pervy images are sparse this week, but at least they aren’t full of man, like they were the last week.  We get some classic daydreaming/delusional fanservice from Pink Chainsaw.  We get some classic tight uniform fanservice from Infinite Stratos.  And we get some freaky, bondage type service (which may or may not be intentional) from Dream Eater Merry.  Throw in a naked Wako praying in the water and some lacy boobage and I think, despite the lack of quantity, that we have some rather sexy pics.

As for that weird, fluffy animal thingy in the collage.  It’s a fairy and it’s about to poop some liquid gold.  Do not ask, just watch Heartcath Precure and see for yourself.

Well that’s it.  Thanks for stopping by.  I have a feeling next week is going to be a little rough, but I’m sure I’ll have more quality updates.  Winter 2011 is turning out so far to be a surprisingly entertaining season.  And I think the manga  is going to shape out well, too.  See you next week!

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