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#InfiniteStratos ep2: that was a SH*TTY way to lose. On the flip side, I think I have a crush on the blonde. Oh NOEZ! #anime

I’d say the episode was average. The beginning was a bit of an info dump, something I had more than enough of in the first episode. Though I have a feeling I know what the big secret behind the core of the various IS is. If you’ve watched RahXephon or Evangelion then you’ll know what I’m thinking.

It’s interesting how Houki completely denies having to do anything with her genius sister, except when it brings her and what’s his name together, three hours of kendo training everyday seems pretty harsh. She plays the tsunderé role pretty well, but it’s still very see-through and standard. So it still feels silly to me and even gets on my nerves from time to time.

It looks like Orimura can speak with the IS in a way. Byakushiki is it’s name and it doesn’t look to special before the fight. Still the mecha fan in me would still love to use one. More importantly I just him to kick Cecilia’s ass… Though she did look pretty nice in that tight IS outfit.

Cecilia’s Blue Tears is a sniper unit that looks pretty sexy and even has FANGS! Now the mecha fan in me would love to imagine how Haman Karn would train this little woman up. Like I said in my Panty & Stocking “check-in” post, no series is an island or exists in a bubble. This is especially true for me when it comes to mecha. I was just watching the original Macross yesterday and was drawing all sorts of cross references between that and the original Gundam. It comes with the territory. All mecha are related, some are brothers and sisters, some are cousins. *ahem*. Back on subject.

This is a classic long range versus short range battle, meleé versus sniper. Orimura actually looks pretty good after a moment or two, but Cecilia is a talented and tricks him pretty easily. Missiles. Part of me wonders how good a pilot he can be if he can’t dodge two missiles, let alone an Itano Circus (damn me and my references). Orimura’s sister called it well though, he has some bad habits, but apparently a decent enough machine to make up for it.

What I thought was an ugly plain looking piece of equipment apparently “awakens” and is accented by nice primary colors. Byakushiki ends up not being so blahzey after all. Too bad he didn’t get much a chance to use it. Orimura’s ignorance negligence gets the better of him and his match is essentially forfeit. This strikes me as pretty unfair considering he had such minimal opportunity to get ready for this duel. In real combat i don’t think Byakushiki’s quirks will be such a handicap. But whatever, I don’t think the role of class rep was a very good one for him anyway. It’s not like he has tom scrub toilets or anything.

In the end, everything moved forward just enough for me. Orimura has his mech, is steadily building his harem (ugh) and there are a few decent characters to carry me through at least for a few more episodes.

By the way, I think I’m gaining a slight Perrine Clostermann-like crush on Cecilia. Seeing her in Blue Tears was kinda sexy, and I got a soft spot for a woman who knows how to use fangs/bits/funnels. Though she does make some pretty common mistakes with those things. Also, the Ending animation for this show SUCKS. All they do is run. That’s not thrifty, you’re not saving money, you’re just being cheap when you do stuff like that. Sheesh!
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