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#PinkChainsaw ep1: I have never been so offended by a pair of shimapan in my life! #anime

I’m not sure exactly what I just watched, but it appears to be one of the most creative meldings horror and harem elements I’ve ever seen (not that I’ve seen many).   The stereotypes are already being assembled, the tsundere and the quiet Rei Ayanami type characters are already there and weirdly appealing in their own way.   And leave it up to the Japanese to make creative and cute use of horror elements.  The main character’s not a bad way to re-envision a zombie.

It appears that his life post-murder generally sucks, but the slow build of an abusive harem isn’t the worst way to spend your pseudo afterlife.   As usual, he live on his own (parents probably killed by cars again), and his savior the silent white-haired necromancer appears to be boarding with him.  They certainly didn’t skimp on making her cute.

I suppose the biggest surprise was the tsundere, the masou-shoujo if the translation is correct.  I’ve been hearing everyone go on about the pink chainsaw, so I was interested to finally see it.  I suppose she’s somewhat annoying, but she’s cute and I can’t say I mind seeing her on camera or even speaking.   It will just be interesting to see if she stays a stereotype/trope or if she actually makes herself memorable and lovable in some way.  She has hope.

And this leads me to the biggest shocker of the episode, and it wasn’t the BL jokes or the crayfish villain at the end. It was the cross-dressing! Holy British humor Batman!   What the fudge?!  It wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for the (what felt like) thirty second “panty” shot that we got.  I hadn’t been that uncomfortable since the Hideyoshi transformation (though I got used to, & VERY comfortable with that).   This must have been what all those people felt like when they saw the “panting” scene at the end of that episode of Star Driver.   Actually no, this was way worse because I was left staring at dead zombie butt and sack in girly panties.

Despite being grossed out by having zombie crotch rubbed in my face, I think you can guess where I’m going with this.   I’m definitely giving something this unique and brash and hilarious the five episode/first DVD test.  If this thing sucks after four or five episodes I will be very disappointed.   And would someone tell that damn tsundere that a chainsaw is NOT part of a kick?!
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