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#StarDriver ep14: so then effectively the secret is out, but something confuses me. #anime

Why was Manticore not in any of those memories?   What was this talk of being alone? Maybe I’m taking her babbling under that Cybody’s influence too seriously.   Regardless, this was an interesting episode.

Ayingott’s regeneration was certainly on the dark side, especially compared to Benio’s.  It completely overshadowed the bit of drama surrounding the Drama Club’s kiss scene.   I thought it was fun and interesting, though not unexpected, that Wako would be a bit torn by that.   She definitely has a bond with both Takuto and Sugata that she’s refused to classify either way.  This may be forcing her to confront the situation.

A lot of stuff is being pushed forward actually.   Sugata without a doubt knows that Head must be part of Glittering Crux now, that should change their relationship a bit.   Not that I said “should”.  Glittering Crux has figured out through the process of elimination and a little common sense who the next maiden is, and after that it looks like one of them is a maiden as well.   This is interesting, so interesting. Now I’m looking for some answers. It’s bugging me how after all this time we’re still left wondering what the real motive behind all of this is. Something must have boiled over to make the majority of the island rebel like this.  The fact that a maiden is involved is presumably serious business.   Then again the North Maiden, Sakana didn’t really seem to have a problem with what Glittering Crux was doing either.   So what’s the deal?

Also, I’m pretty sure we saw Head and Sugata’s Cybodies in the Opening and Closing animations.  Boy, Samekh looks like a BEAST, even just as a silhouette.
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