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#OniiChan ep1: well, my eyes aren’t charred husks & I’m in no physical pain. That wasn’t so bad! #anime

Okay, so the character designs are fugly as hell, but it wasn’t the worse thing I’ve seen in the last ten years, or even two.   This appears to be just a silly and somewhat mediocre comedy that is beating the incest angle into the ground as frequently and gracelessly as possible.  I honestly got a few decent laughs at how insanely perverted her “brother” is.   I’m a perv, but even I can’t compete with that level of porn.  Good grief!  And to top things off, this isn’t even the type of show I thought it was.

This isn’t incest at all!  It’s just a bit inappropriate.  Turns out Japan’s normal safe in other countries cars have murdered more innocent parents of more innocent children.  F*ck!!!  I’m buying American or Europen (even though their cars are way too expensive to service) from now on.   If I see someone driving around in a Japanese car i’m going to call them a murderer.  Because that’s what they are; murderers of the parents of babies… in anime.

Somehow this post got way too into the subject of car murder.  Allow me to get on track.  Some of the other things I liked were that… were that.   Well that one girl with black hair hit Nao for being a raging pervert; it was nice to see the girl get some punishment for idiocy for once.  There wasn’t much I really loved at this show’s first episode.   I’m just somewhat grateful that it didn’t punish me for attempting to watch it.  So in return I won’t dig into it for being a misguided piece of fluff that’s trying to survive off being ecchi and stupid.   Am I watching another episode of this? Probably not.

To close this with a clever metaphor (something I like to do from time to time), Onii-chan isn’t a train wreck, it’s just a mess on the carpet.   Whatever’s wrong with it can be easily cleaned up.

…Except for the character designs.  They do honestly look like someone took good character designs and beat them with a hammer.   I wouldn’t be proud to say I animated this.
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