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Anime Episodes of the Year: Highschool of the Dead ep8 (Super Sonic Boobs)

Well this episode started out epically enough.  Air Force One being zombified and all.  How the f*ck did that happen?  The preemptive nuclear strike?  How is that in anyone’s best interest.  I guess that should’ve been a hint at how explosive this episode would be.  Other than that it starts out normally enough.

Oh Saeko….!  Drooling on the pants in the apron.  Hotness!  *ahem*. Now then, after the fresh change of clothes it’s time for the…

Rule #1 when in a piece of zombie entertainment, never say anything about not seeing THEM in awhile…  And the problems and complaints quickly pile up. Bad driving, dumb driver, dumb asses on top of a moving vehicle during an emergency.  Crisis time!

God! Why does he suck so much at ranged weapons?!  He grabs Reika, I assumed to apologize for doing something stupid when he notices she has a gun and does what I will later realize is a habit.  He grabs the gun, side mounts her, and uses her as a tripod and shock absorber for HER rifle.  It’s juggling titties and good times for everyone now!

And then we get the most amazing bullet time sequence ever.  We get the most dangerous panty shot I’ve ever scene as a bullet slides between Saeko’s thighs as she skirmishes with the zombies!  And that’s not even the most amazing part!  We see another bullet slide between the backwards leaning Saeko’s SWAYING breasts as it enters her gauntlet from one end and comes out the other.  If you didn’t say “what the f*ck?!” to that then you are indeed the most interesting man in the world… or a corpse!

Oh my GOD, that looks painful!

Moé magazine loading.  The tsunderé with the shotgun.  Slow-motion ballistic boob physics.  The meleé experts fighting their waymthrough the crowd of zombies to pull away the horde, only to fail.  It gets pretty damn dark near the end.  And then… The fire department shows up?!  The episode comes to an awesome end when we realize Saeko and Takashi will have to fight their way to safety alone.  End of an insane, action packed episode.

You know, I wondered something awhile after watching that episode.  How would that episode have played out if we gender swapped everything?  If Rei wasn’t the one injured, but Takashi was?  And what if she took his weapon and started firing off rounds using his BALLS to cushion recoil from the rifle?  Would it be as awesome if instead of Saeko dodging bullets in that THING she wears, it was Kouta in some tighty whiteys and socks kicking ass as bullets grazed the air beneath his crotch and another gracefully breezed through his man boobs?  No it wouldn’t.  This episode made something incredibly clear to me.  Women make everything better and men ruin sh*t.  That’s life.  That’s how it goes down.  That’s the truth.  That and the fact that it spawned one of the most explosive internet memes I’ve seen all year, is why Highschool of the Dead episode 8 is one of the best episodes of 2010.

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