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Anime Episodes of the Year: K-ON!! ep20 (Sweaty Eyes)

Ever heard of The phrase, “like a storm in the night…”?  That was K-ON!! Episode 20 for me.  Just as I was about to shut down Twitter for the night it started coming in; tweets with everyone’s gushing reactions to the episode.  Usually I would ignore it until my preferred sub group had encoded it, but I’m glad I didn’t do it that night.

I’m no expert on moé, I just know I like it.  Starved for more music, for more performances I ate this episode up.  The concert was such a beautiful, perfect display of how HTT were.  Sure the antics and banter may have gone on a bit too long for some people, but I would never have it any other way.  Yui not screwing up and faffing about wouldn’t be the Yui we love.  Mio not being embarrassed and scared wouldn’t be the Mio we formed a club for.  Ritsu hamming up with an encore performance as Juliet?  Naturally.  Though I must admit, seeing Tsumugi come out of her shell for this episode was a very welcome event.  It showed just how much she blossomed during the second season.  It’s also one of the reasons she became my favorite.  I do love those eyebrows.  So cute, so sexy.  She’s gonna be a hell of a problem for her parents come college.

I can’t tell you how sad I was when Yui said that their time was up.  I think that’s when my eyes started to water.  “U & I”
And it was over, the girls just sitting there.  Reminiscing about what may have been only 10 minutes ago.  And then come the thoughts on what to do next.  And then come the plans for upcoming events.  And then come the tears…
And before I know it Mio’s crying, Yui has tears in her eyes…  Mugi yells, but we have Azusa there to keep things together.  The tiny mother hen to this childish and unstable group.  It’s not sweat Yui…  “Your eyes don’t sweat, the snot coming out of your nose isn’t sweat either, ” I thought.


It’s not sweat damn it!
And then I can’t see the screen anymore.
And then I realize, it can be sweat.  It’s definitely sweat in my eyes.

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