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DonKangolJones’ Anime Christmas List (How do you ask Santa for dakimakura?)

Thought I’d do something a little different today.  Seeing as how Christmas is just over the hill, (the hill being Thanksgiving and don’t you forget about it!) I thought I would get my list of things I want together.  Why?  Well because I don’t really have any reason to do it for real.  I’m a grown man.  No one gets me anything.  I buy it myself.  If I was to ask someone for something, it would probably be something for my kids so it can save me money.  But it’s always nice to pretend, and I think it’s a pretty interesting topic.  Seeing as how many of us who watch anime are really grown men and women who love watching foreign cartoons and many of us buy figures/figma/nendoroids to go with that hobby we’re also buying toys to correspond to our interests.  Face it people we’re big kids.  So without further faffing about, here’s my list of grown up toys for me and possibly many other anime fans out there.

I’ll have to thank J-list for many of the more anime-centric things on here.  Tops on that list is the complete set of K-ON!! Petite Nendoroids.  HTT is already the embodiment of moe, now you shrink them down into even more cute proportions?  There should be stampedes and murder involved in the acquisition of these items.  Thank God for mail order!  I plan on taking the Tsumugi with the keyboard and putting it on my desk at work.  A true anime fan takes their obsession everywhere with them.  Some just can be more discrete than others.

Going back to the subject of figures, I have craved a Toradora! figure for the longest.  Especially one of my favorite tsundere Taiga Aisaka.  So every now and then I go over to the Cool and Spicy blog and fawn over the images it has of my favorite Toradora! figures.  The one with Taiga in the tube and swimsuit is adorable.  Curse them for not selling it outside Japan!  I while Ami Kawashima is my favorite character from the series and her figure would be a welcome trophy to my home, I crave the holiest of holy Toradora! figures, the Miss Contest Aisaka Taiga release!  It’s so desirable to me because it materializes one of my favorite anime moments ever.  I thought I had it one time, but the sight sold out before I could get it on my credit card.  The unholy horror!

While not my favorite look of her’s during the series, this figure of Yoko Littner is still affordable and shows off enough ample boobage to make her worth the money.  The only problem is how I’m going to explain her to my daughter.  I’ll just call her a space marine from the future who spends her off time as a pop idol.  Yeah!  I’m sure that’ll make sense.

While I find Samurai Girls the show to be average at best, it still has amazing artwork and production values.  The females in this show tend to exemplify that.  There’s no better representative for that show than this Yagyu Jubei figure.  That is an outstanding character design if I do say so myself.  And I do!  Now if only they had a figure for Yukimura Sanada.  I do enjoy my Rie Kugimiya voiced characters.

The Jitte and Katana Display Set from J-list is just…  yeah, I need that.  If anyone out there wants to help somebody (me) out anonymously then feel free to do it with this.  Get me this!  Friends!  Family!  Whoever the hell reads this blog and for whatever stalkerish reason wants to get me something nice, this would make me very happy.  This is so manly and nerdy, I don’t see how any guy wouldn’t want this on their desk…. well unless they’re Chinese, Korean or Filipino.  Then I could understand if you don’t want this on your desk at the moment.   Or ever.  *ahem*  Let’s move one!  I spent way too much time fawning over a letter opener.

My old samurai umbrella (that’s right, I already had one) is broken, so this should be on the top of my list.  Dare I say this entry in my list is PRACTICAL.  Sure, I could just get an ordinary umbrella, but as the saying goes, once you have a Samurai sword-styled umbrella you can’t go back to regular umbrellas.  And while I do enjoy the black ship that adorns the blue Samurai sword umbrella, my favorite color is red.  And that is that.  The Bakumatsu Sword Umbrella (Red) definitely needs to be mine.

This next entry is less for me, and more so for my kids.  If I can help it, I never eat any kind of asian noodles without chopsticks.  Whether it be the cheap packets of Top Ramen in my kitchen, or delicious Singapore Chow Mei Fun, there better be bamboo be-twitched my fingers.  Hell, even white rice gets the treatment from time to time.  It makes me sad that I’m the only one in the house who does that.  With a soon to be six year old daughter in the house, I think it’s a fine time for her non-Asian ass to  learn.  These Kid’s Training Chopsticks should be well worth the money.  I wish I had them when I was a kid.  I wouldn’t have embarrassed myself around those Cambodian kids I took Taekwondo with so easily.  Not much is more embarrassing than “gaijin smash”-ing your food cause you can’t figure out how to shove a rice or noodle based dish in your mouth.  Or mishandling an egg roll and having it fly across the table.  Those things should be learned in private.

Again, this one is for the kids who both like blowing on their broken recorder.  Sad isn’t it?  Well it’s not my fault, they broke it they live with it!  *ahem*  Regardless, I thought if they could relax a little bit they might enjoy a yokobue, a bamboo flute.  Then again, I’m afraid my son will take the “gaijin smash” to it and they’ll end up just playing the reed like they’re doing with their recorder now.  Oh well, they wouldn’t be kids if they did break sh*t.  Should I get the yokobue, pray for it.  It may not have long.

All this writing has made me hungry, I suppose before I leave for a snack I’ll tell you a little about the snack I want.  Japanese bread.  You see characters in anime fighting over it all the time.  I even saw Sousuke from Full Metal Panic! pull a gun on someone to get a plain roll (maybe that wasn’t the best example).  Anyway, I’ve never had a dessert with red bean paste in it.  And I simply cannot die with out trying some.  I’m gonna give this doraiyaki a try and report to you guys later.  I’m sure there’s plenty of yummy deliciousness from Japan I could try that doesn’t involve sushi or tempura.

Well, I can’t talk all day about what I want.  I have work soon so I have to go out there and earn it.  Not everything I want to get I have to obtain through mail order, there are some local stores (especially for food) that can help me with my needs.  For you non-Japanese out there, what would you have on your Anime/Japanese Christmas list?  Got any suggestions for me?  I’m anxious to hear it.


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