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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: November 29th (There’s no limit on Pervy)

Last week of November and everything this FALL season seems to be in fine form.  We pretty much know what shows are about and what shows we like; and what characters we gravitate towards and which one manage to churn the bile in our stomachs (Kirino I’m looking at you).  And for now, I couldn’t be happier with what I’m getting.  Despite my following way too many series at once, I still managed to get some manga reading done too.  So let’s see what made the cut.

Anime Images of the Week

OK, for all my talk about all the anime I’m watching, I know it’s strange that I only have seven images.  But quality makes up for quantity right?  An anime Tom Cruise, which I thought was a pretty good rendition, was probably my most surprising image.  The writers Gainax has working on Panty and Stocking really, really know their American culture.  And even though they’re openly mocking us as much as they are their Japanese culture, I’m greatly enjoying it.  If you’re wondering why you don’t see any pics from part 1 of episode 8 of Panty and Stocking, don’t worry.  I’ve put those pics in their proper place.

The rest of the week was punctuated by another lovely episode of Kuragehime, a show that continues to develop naturally and beautifully; Ore no Imouto which had a surprisingly polarizing episode; The World God Only Knows which is starting to come into its own finally by ending the “Kanon” arc in a very classy, beautiful way; and Ika Musume which continues to be the most consistent and stellar show this season.

I had to add the One Piece pic in because while the entire Marineford arc has been grand and high quality, the sight of Aokiji, or any of the admirals taking damage is just one hell of a sight for anyone who follows the anime or manga.

Manga Images of the Week

Yay! I actually have a decent selection of manga to draw images from for the first time in probably months!  The highlight this week for me being a good action packed chapter of Naruto!  Yes, I’m not complaining at all about a chapter.  All I need is some action, some good ninja action, to make me happy.  That’s really all any Naruto fan wants (that and for Sasuke to die a horrible painful slow death, and for Sakura to NOT suck  and shut her mouth).

For the usual shounen manga side of things I got a double shot of Bleach, which was actually quite fun.  This little Hell Arc movie looks to be interesting a appears to be promising the return of dead characters we may like.  It gives me warm fuzzies thinking about seeing Ulquiorra and Grimmjow, and yes even Nnoitra.  Screw those other Espada.  One Piece did a nice little thing of using the Kraken to give us a peek at how much progress the Strawhat crew has made with two years of solo training and adventuring.  Poor Sanji.  The best upgrade apparently being Luffy’s use of a Gear 3!  Followed by Franky new nipple lights.  Yeah, One Piece now has nipple lights.  Wonder how 4Kids would have censored something like that.

And finally we get to the yuri manga.  There’s nothing like a good tender hearted lesbian love story to give you a nice counter point to all that manly screaming, beefy shounen.  Too bad Hayate X Blade is not that show!  It’s more like a version of Utena with a dumb shounen protagonist, with heavy emphasis on comedy mixed with some drama with a yuri cast.  It’s too early to tell if I like it, yet.  But I am interested.  As for the traditional yuri, Octave is filling that void very well.

Pervy Images of the Week

Once again, thanks to Panty and Stocking and Samurai Girls for some good old pervy/ecchi fun.  Both shows have the ability to make me laugh with their perviness.  Octave is also getting a reputation of throwing in some perviness with every chapter.  Hell, even this week we got yuri sex and a pornstar.  Was not expecting that!

As for Yosuga no Sora, I hate to say anything is more extreme or risque than Panty and Stocking or the traditional ecchi anime of the season, but Yosuga no Sora is beating them by a mile.  We’re pretty damn close to hentai with this show, and you see some stuff you’re just not prepared for with that show.  It’s such a mishmash of genres and story elements, that I’ve yet to get comfortable and settle in with the show up to this point.

And with that I’ve covered all the anime, manga and its perviness for the past week.  I’m looking forward to next week, especially now that I’ve gotten back in the groove of reading manga again.

Note: usually I do these posts on Sunday, but ran into a few snags.  That’s why I’m a day late.

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