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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week

Another successful week of absorbing the drippings on Japan’s animated culture, another week of joy.  And I think one thing is truly clear.  Panty and Stocking rule the day (I mean week)!

This week in anime was a fun and heartbreaking one for me.  While I was enjoying the perfected insanity of Panty and Stocking, I was also having my heart crushed by Katanagatari.  To add to the fun, Kuragehime also had a standout episode of its own.  It appears we have a real love triangle going right now.  A very weird triangle, but a real one nonetheless.

Bringing up the second, but very respectable tier were episodes from OreImo, Railgun and Squid Girl.  OreImo still makes me laugh just as much as it annoys me with its ability to be endearing and despicable at the same time (honestly, who goes to a love hotel with their sister?  Moron!).  The Railgun OVA gave me just what I wanted and needed from it.  A nice compact, fun episode of Railgun as if we were still watching the series.  It was nice to see that crazy, over-aggressive lesbian, Kuroko in action again.  I’d have to say that for a non- starter or finisher week of anime, this week was especially memorable.

I hate to say it, but I really haven’t gotten back into my groove again when it comes to reading manga.  As a consolation prize, here’s a pic of Ichigo’s sister in her cute sailor school uniform.  Yeah, look at her.  She looks just as ecstatic about this as I do about what little manga I’ve been reading.

Ah yes, maybe this is why I’ve been so lax in my manga reading.  Besides shounen and the occasional yuri material, most of my manga reading is of the pervy kind.  But I’m getting more than enough of the pervy from my FALL anime.  Who knew it would be so ripe with some much ecchi material.  And more amazingly, who the hell knew that the dirtiest, most deprived, most graphic pervy image this week would be the one from Panty and Stocking?  Well I suppose a few people could have guessed, but not with a picture like THAT!

My hopes for next week are that once again I’ll get back on the wagon and read me some more manga besides the usual shounen standbys.  I’m also expecting memorable episodes Kuragehime, Panty and Stocking and Squid Girl because at this point in the season it seems that I can expect that much from them.  See you guys next week!

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