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Check-in Station Special: The World God Only Knows ep7 (twenty minutes as a Kanon fanboy)

I watched easily the best episode of The World God Only Knows last night.  It absolutely amazed me that they fleshed out Kanon’s arc so well.  It’s been roughly 2 years since I’ve read her arc, so that helped out in the surprise department as well.  It absolutely touched on the feelings I had reading it and I think enhanced it as well.  Maybe I just became one of those silly male fanboys at her concert, chanting her name and where silly robes covered with her name, but it was a magical moment seeing her overcome her very nagging, annoying, self-destructive hangups and rise into a shining star.  Easily a 5/5 for me and one of my favorite episodes of the year.

The situation did bring up a interesting conversation with my Second Opinion as the episode finished.  She talked about how it was sad that Kanon no longer needed Keima.  And how he could have had her if he wanted.  I had to correct her on several things (insert nasally nerd voice & lisp).  First of all, he couldn’t have had her.  He can’t have any woman because he is and will constantly be on the hunt for more loose souls.  The show doesn’t touch on it very often, but his head is constantly on the line.  He can’t turn down any opportunity no matter how bad.  I don’t doubt that choker around his neck really would sever his head should he decide to quit.  So he could never stick it out with any woman, no matter how good.  He has to keep moving.  Also, there was nothing good about Keima being needed by her.  She was so attached to her past that I was amazed she made it that far.  Perhaps her problems did as much to make her succeed as they did to threaten that success.  It’s just that at this point she was gonna finally let it drag her down.  So no, it was never a good thing that she needed Keima.  Keima realized that long before he saw the ending and he knew well that he was gonna have to turn his back on her as soon as she pushed out that soul.  There are other conquests.

With all that said, the concert the show’s audience got to watch was beautiful (not as gaudy as Sheryl Nome’s concert in the Macross Frontier movie, the False Songstress), and that touch of sadness, mixed with the crowning moment of  her successfully rising above what she was, made this a truly special episode.  Good job, Keima.  Up until this point I was somewhat entertained, but also a bit underwhelmed by the show’s adaptation.  Maybe because the tsundere arc was probably one of the more boring ones I can remember.  But from the amazing job they did not only with this arc, but with giving so much life to this episode, I have to say the studio knows what it’s doing.  In short they get it.  I can’t wait for next week.

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