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Check-in Station: Anime Purgatory (a testament to my lack of fortidude)

I think anyone who has watched their fair share of anime has experience the series drop.  You know what I mean.  You attempt to watch a series and somewhere along the line you find that your patience has been worn down, or that you don’t find anything interesting about a series and you decide to stop watching it, permanently.   My problem is that at times I’m so wishy~washy that I don’t even formally drop a series.  I just kind of stop watching it and forget its existence.  Then weeks or even months later I see something on my list that I haven’t updated in forever, or see a file and wonder why I still have that series on my hard drive.  Well, I like to keep my hard drives tidy, as well as my anime list.  So I’m gonna buckle down and make time to knock out a series.  Doesn’t matter how ambivalent I am towards it.  I will find the passion to pick it up and add it to my list of  completed series.  The problem is I have trouble figuring out what it is that I want to handle.  I can’t do them all at once, and I’m not sure I even want to finish them.  So to sort things out, I’m going to list these “Failures of Personal Fortitude” and figure out who deserves to come out of my anime purgatory.  First up…

Umi Monogatari – God help me I honestly tried.  It’s becoming well known to myself and others that I don’t handle very girly things well.  Many of the series I’m going to list will follow this pattern.  But it’s not like this show doesn’t have its good points.  The animation is rather nice, the music has struck me as boring/calming depending on your outlook.  And cute mermaids in bikinis fighting evil creatures with magic isn’t an unappealing concept at all.  It’s just too bad that so far nothing has stood out for me, that includes the characters.  This is a big issue for me.

Kobato – see what I mean by the girly pattern?  I’ve never been a huge fan of Clamp material and especially not how they design their characters.  But Kobato struck me as interesting in the beginning.  I guess the concept of collecting things is what wore on me.  This series just seemed like something that would be better served in a 13 episode format.  I think in the end it was just a series that got overshadowed by the newer material that came out midway through its run.

Pandora Hearts – yeah, guess what?  This was way more geared towards the women than I originally suspected in the first few episodes.  There are yaoi undertones sprinkled throughout.  Biggest most glaring example, Gilbert and Oz’s relationship.  I know he’s supposed to be his longtime childhood friend and servant, but it really felt like the animators were pushing that relationship to the fawning and loving direction of yaoi.  Don’t get me wrong, I can live with it, but that and all the cryptic messaging and mystery were all a bit much for me to put up with over an extended run of twenty plus episodes.  I suppose I could push myself through since unsolved mysteries nag the hell out of me, but that quirk didn’t keep me watching the series.  Once again, another series overshadowed by the newer material coming out midway through its run.

Letter Bee – I was high on this show in the beginning, so what happened.  It’s one thing to be enamored in the atmosphere of a show (which is hypnotically beautiful), but that can only carry you so far.  Plus my man-crush on Jun Fukuyama and his voice also convinced me to give this a shot.  But that was a bad idea with Sora Kake Girl and it’s a bad idea in general to follow shows based on the voice talent.  Gauche disappeared and this show got episodic, so my attention waned and faded away just like the show.  I suppose with a sequel of sorts soon airing now would be a good time to knock this one out.

Vampire Knight Guilty – uh… never mind.  F*ck this show.  Let’s move on.

xxxHolic – I KNOW!  I KNOW!  How dare I not finish this masterpiece.  I don’t know what distracted me since I loved the atmosphere of this show.  It became endearing enough to me that I managed to overlook CLAMP’s atrocious character designs (are these people or spiders?).  I don’t know what popped up in summer of 2009 to make my progress on this show grind to a halt.  But here it is in my anime purgatory.  Just waiting for its fair chance at being viewed and judged.  Heaven or Hell?  This show for over a year has had no idea.

Chu-Bra!! – Ugh!  It’s like a cross between Kodomo no Jikan and B Gata H Kei, except not nearly as clever, or deep or well thought out.  I don’t know why this is in purgatory and not just in hell (dropped).  I don’t know what hope I was holding out for it.  Maybe it’s just my quirk of not liking series to be left incomplete, or maybe I wanted to keep going for the laughs and the “what the f*ck” factor.  Either way, this show is damn lucky I haven’t dropped it, yet.

Mai-Otome – For better or worse Mai Hime left an impression on me.  So it was only natural that  I pick up its cousin, Mai Otome.  From the beginning, the show felt a bit like a treat for those who had viewed the original series.  Characters being shuffled around in this new universe under new rules.  It was kind of nice viewing the characters as actors themselves playing new roles.  Once again I don’t know what happened to turn my attention away from this show to place it in this lonely position.  The show seemed rather average, but entertaining enough to give a shot.  It’s really a shame that I put such a cute energetic show in anime purgatory.

Elfen Lied – I know, before you yell at me…  I have no excuse.  I suppose it was a little too intense for me when I first started it, though I was four episodes into the series and  just lost sight of it.  This is obviously one of my most egregious oversights.

I just want to ask anyone who has read this post, “Do you have any shows of yours in anime purgatory?  And “what show would you like for me to pick back up again?”

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  1. Gorilla
    September 19, 2010 at 18:22

    Pick up my Otome again. It’s not as good as Hime but it’s fun and near the end Mai makes an appearance (I think it was near the end it’s been 3 years since I watched it).

    I ‘ve dropped plenty of shows, but I don’t like having stalled/dropped Wolf’s Rain and Gankutsuou. Gankutsuou is terrible compared to the novel, boring as hell and Wolf’s Rain was just a poor choice to watch at that time.
    Plus I’ve pretty much stalled/dropped 12 or so shows from the last spring season. I blame it on the summer and english tv series. I simply got tired of following seasons.

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