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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week: It’s so much easier for girls (Sept 12th)

A pattern has been revealed to me.  Lately two shows have been fighting for my attention.  One is obviously K-ON!!, which consistently is pulling my heartstrings, getting cuter and more emotional by the week.  I didn’t think that could even be possible.  The other is the dubious, infamous, ludicrous Highschool of the Dead.  Which is making a habit of starting a new meme and sending anime fans into a murderous, rabid frenzy with each episode.  Thank you God, that K-ON!! won out this week.  Even a declaration of wetness couldn’t stop the juggernaut that is HTT.

Anime Images of the Week

This was a fun week of anime, notonly did I knock out all the anime I had scheduled to watch, but I got to knock out 3 anime movies, as well.  I almost never watch anime movies.  My promise to complete a Satoshi Kon work was accomplished when I watched the fun and mind bending Paprika.  I saw what Oda could do when he takes his beloved One Piece to the big screen with Strong World.  I have to say I was impressed.  He has this incredible talent for imagining fantastical creatures and that really stood out with that movie.  And the final movie I watched was the outstanding Summer Wars.  It really did live up to the hype.  It was not just a great anime movie, or a great family movie.  It was a great movie period.  I’ll be showing that movie to non-anime fans for years.

On the series side of things, Strike Witches wooed me with an episode featuring my favorite witch, Perrine.  Often she’s portrayed as the clown of the squadron, but she has a noble personality under that.  And it really showed through this week.  Speaking of clowns, the latest episode of Ichigo Mashimaro that I watched showed its resident clown used to her potential.  I declare Miyu a star.  She drives the show so hard that the rest of it has a hard time keeping up.  Sure she’s hard to love, personality-wise, but if she isn’t one of the best comedic characters in a series I’ve watched by the end of this I will be shocked.  When it came to shounen anime this week, One Piece’s outstanding Marineford arc continues with a lot of blood loss and a lot of tears and Fairy Tail continues to be immensely entertaining.  When Erza gets unleashed it’s nothing but pure fun.

Manga Images of the Week

This week was light on the manga front.  Another member of Akatsuki bites the dust in Naruto, and we get the set up for a very interesting fight.  Butterflaizen and Ichigo continue to do their best impression of Dragonball Z.  And in Octave we get a very real and brutal look at the life of a has-been idol.  It’s pretty ugly when your supposed friends move on without you and fail to acknowledge your existence.  COLD.

Pervy Images of the Week

I didn’t draw material for this week’s pervy images from many shows.  But oh the material I got!  Thanks to a beach episode on Strike Witches 2, Oda’s love of Nami’s butt in the One Piece Strong World movie and some girl on girl  …uh relations.  Usually you don’t get much detail when it comes to the yuri lovin’, but Octave wanted to make sure you got a good grasp of the situation.  The manga pics in the collage should give you a decent idea of how it went down.

And for the first time I leave you with my runner-up image of the week.  Poor Minna, I think she’s gonna need a lot of alone time.  Perrine isn’t the only “fan” of Major Sakamoto anymore.

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