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#SamuraiGirls ep1: File this under guilty pleasure, so much to love and hate. #pervy #anime

IIIINK! IIIIIINK! It’s like they were torturing an octopus on the ceiling of the animator’s desk! They use it for everything, but especially for censorship. I get it! I understand the era this futuristic tale is drawing from. Sheesh!

Beyond that, there’s a lot to love here. The animation quality is spectacular (though first episodes tend to be rather nice). The character designs are familiar, but uniquely appealing to me. And I’m a big fan of character designs, if it looks good to me that’s a point in your direction. Rie Kugimiya is voicing another fiery, short female and I honestly don’t mind the typecasting. The ecchi seems a bit over used but at least it’s not insultingly over the top like a certain zombie show I’ve been watching.

The things that annoy me? The damn cliches, I’m not a huge fan of all my damn shows taking place in some form of school, nor am I pleased with learning again that studen council may not only be powerful, but evil as well. The show so far really reminds me of an interesting amalgamation of Ikki Tousen/Tenjou Tenge and Strike Witches. It’s obviously very early, but hopefully I can put aside my prejudices and earnestly enjoy this. It shows potential. Just please chill out with the damn ink.
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