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Check-out Station: Oretama (I love “My Balls”)

For me, the original pervy manga is Oretama.  It is the standard by which I judge all other pervy manga.  A pinnacle of humor, ecchi & just enough heart.  And honestly, the name and the innevitable puns that follow don’t hurt its enjoyment either.

It started out simply enough.  Going through recommendations on MAL, I came across the series titled quite literally, “My Balls.”  After I stopped laughing (and it did take awhile for that to happen), I decided to take a shot at this series.  I was shocked, but pleasantly surprised at how outrageous and funny the series was.

While this series is generally episodic, and followed a formula through most of its run, I couldn’t say it wasn’t varied.  The basic plot was one of boy has deirable object in balls, the enemy wants that desirable object.  So to get to that desirable object the enemy sends foe after foe with gimic after gimic to get that which is stuck in said boy’s balls (I believe the left one).  The characters are named, given their own archetype and flaws out of a hat and sent on a merry adventure of sexual, religious and global importance.  I’m stretching the religious part a bit.  Just because the story insinuates a god, a heaven, devils (all conveniently female and horny) and hell does not mean it’s in anyway religious.

The biggest, initial draw for me was the humor.  Oretama just gives you classic moment after classic moment of over the top, suggestive or plain sexually explicit humor.  It’s mostly based on “reverse-rape”  women assaulting a guy to get to his sexual creamy center.  All the way this can come about is where the real fun begins.  You’ll see all sorts of depravity, usually in the form of a specific devil.  The main protagonist, Kohta will just be minding his business working or whatever when the next nefarious devil in line to take a shot at his balls will pop up and attempt to have their way with him.  One of the more hilarious encounters came when he was assaulted by a devil that could turn itself invisible.  Overall, it’s hard to just describe the humor, I don’t just want to give all of it away either.  I’ll just say that the pics in this post should be a good indicator of how awkward and outrageously funny this show is.

That poor Kohta, he has the best and worst of it at the same time.  If wants in his balls is released (if he ejaculates), then the Queen of Calamity Emmaniel will come out and wreak destruction across the Earth.  Effectively, she’ll wipe out humanity and all the devils from hell will come up  and make Earth their own.  But Kohta must endure these assaults from these devils until the end of the month (a whole 30 days I believe).  He can’t masturbate, he can’t have sex, even a wet dream can allow her to be “released”, essentially dooming humanity.  For a college age guy living alone,  he’s gonna need all the help he can get.  Unfortunately, those that could help him are perhaps his greatest foes as well.

Not only does Kohta have women trying to rape him daily, but he’s got two important women to him on the front lines as well.  One is Minayo, the classic childhood friend type.  She’s beautiful, cute, shy and an all around good person who genuinely, secretly likes him.  Now you remember that thing I said about the characters having flaws?  She’s got a huge and rathe inconvenient one.  When she gets drunk she becomes a completely loose, sex-crazed maniac.  That’s right!  When this chick gets a beer she is the single greatest threat to humanity’s existence.  How can avoid the woman he’s wanted to have sex with his whole life?  And you’d think that once he figures this out he’d be able to avoid the situation.  But there’re many more ways to get drunk than you think.  Not to mention that damn beer just keeps popping up in the most random places.  You would think there was a devil by her side dropping off beers for her when no one’s looking.  I suppose there’s one devil with the opportunity to do that, but I doubt she’d help them get together.

Oh yes.  My favorite character in this show, Elsye, the lesser devil .  I’m not quite sure what a lesser devil is, maybe a baby devil (though that would make this series very awkward) or a devil in training.  She’s definitely weaker than the other devils, and less “experienced”.  She initially shows up as the first devil assigned “take” Kohta’s balls.  She fails miserably, but circumstances force her to side with Kohta and her cuteness quickly wins him and me over.

She’s the classic tsundere character I was talking about.  Initially more tsun tsun, than tsundere.  Her disgust with Kohta and his penis slowly turns into feelings of love for him and a grudging acceptance for said penis.  They’re a pretty good team.  The only problem is Kohta’s crush on Minayo and Elyse’s sometimes explosive jealousy.  It threatens to break their alliance on more than one occasion.

In the end, it becomes much less a question of just saving humanity and soon becomes a question of who Kohta will choose and how his life with the person he chooses will progress.  I mean first he’s gotta save his balls and humanity, but after that I think he’ll have some time to chase his own happiness.  I hope you enjoyed this brief overview of one of my favorite manga, Oretama.  Do you think Kohta will get with Minayo or Elyse?  I highly suggest you read the whole manga to find out.  As for me, I’ve already finished it.  I can only sit and wait for perhaps the impossible.  I hope one day this wonderful manga will be translated and released officially here in the states.  I can dream can’t he?  I can’t be the only who likes “My Balls”.

  1. Remi
    July 4, 2011 at 04:25

    I looove this manga, I’ve read it a few times already and it always makes me laugh. Especially Elyse’s insanely evil faces xD

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