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Check-in Station: Strike Witches 2 eps1-6 (Aliens hate lolis & panties, and I hate them!)

Welcome to the world of surprises, our world.  It has become plain and simple to me why I never bet on anything.  It’s not just because I’m genuinely miserly.  It’s because too often people just are incapable of telling the future.  A perfect case in point, Strike Witches the anime.  Loli-like girls without panties?  There’s no way this will fly!  Oh boy was I wrong.  I loved it and now it’s back for a second season.  I wonder, is Strike Witches 2 a rehash, verbatim of the first season?  Or is it going to build on that success?

Well it certainly seemed as though they were really going to go the tedious route of reliving as much of the first season as possible.  The first episode felt pretty slow.  The second episode had some nice GAR-filled moments with Major Sakamoto, but also was rather bland.  And the third one was almost insulting because they were telling us that some of the witches were so out of shape and practice that they had to start from scratch.  From scratch!  There’s no way my Perrine would really need that kind of remedial training.

Though I did get some good ecchi service in those episodes, I really wanted the series to touch the more mecha related aspects of its story.  I got that in the fourth episode.  New Striker units, the fleshing out of rivalries in the squadron and getting more time with the less featured witches were all steps in the right direction.

The fifth episode took a step back by having us go on a trip with Shirley, Miyafuji and one of my favorites, Lucchini.  It was basically an excursion through Rome that showed us how well the animators could draw famous landscapes (very well) and to show what the witches were protecting.

And finally the sixth episode was pure awesomeness.  I guess you could say it was the kind of thing I had been waiting for.  Seeing all the witches come together for a common titanic goal really made me “remember love” (to steal a colleagues phrase) for shows I had seen before.

And when it comes down to it.  There are many reasons I love Strike Witches as a series, the character designs; the albeit limited world building; ecchi of course and the fact that underneath all that it’s a fun mecha show with some mahou shoujo flair.  The more this show plays up its mecha genes, the more I end up loving the episode.  And that is also why I’m so high on the series.  There’s a very good plot waiting to be exploited here.

The Neuroi, for all their contact with humans, have not gotten much development.  As a matter of fact, the progress the Strike Witches made was literally destroyed at the beginning of the second season.  It gives the witches a chance to play with more destructive, and I must admit creative, Neuroi but the plot doesn’t actually move anywhere.  The witches continue to hold the fort, the Neuroi continue their attempts to breakthrough , but until they get around to addressing the “why” of it all this show will fail to reach its potential.  Maybe I’m projecting too much of what I want and expect on this show.  But you can’t tell me that what I want for this show is a bad thing.  I love this show, what it has is good.   I want great.

As a little bonus, here’s some ep7 love.

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