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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week (August 22nd)

Another glorious week of anime and manga.  I wasn’t disappointed at all.  I have to admit though, I came across generous amount of yuri enjoying the material this week.  I’m not bragging or anything, but expect this week to be especially gay.

  • This week was a little less diversified all around.  Spent extra time catching up with K-ON!! and Heroman.  The Heroman marathon sapped some life out of me, but K-ON!! did more than enough to put it back.  On the shounen side, Shippuuden is still dragging out its conclusion, but did a good job animating an important skirmish.  And One Piece keeps teasing us by moving at the most plodding pace it can.  I’m still loving it and the battle actually just got started this week.  If you’re not watching this then get on it!

  • With no Jump material this week I decided to move along with some of my more…  unique series.  The difference between what I read this week and the previous week is like the difference between beer and Kool-Aid.  There’s really no fair comparison.  I am enjoying Girl Friends quite a bit though.  Even among the few yuri I’ve read, it has proven unique and fun and surprisingly real.

  • Ah yes, this was a good week for pervy images, anime and manga alike.  It was hard to narrow down a scene from Strike Witches 2, especially when the episode had so many bathing and sauna scenes in it.  On  the manga side, the yuri fans may be a little disappointed in me having the kissing scene in pervy section and not the manga section.  Sorry.  I’m a guy, that’s a major reason we read yuri manga.  I gotta be honest.

Anyway, this was a great week, but next week should be even better.  Who likes K-ON!!?

  1. August 22, 2010 at 16:14

    I am behind Heroman and will marathon it sometime next week, but it doesn’t sound like it will be an enjoyable watch. I should had really picked up another show this season but too lazy at this point.

  2. August 22, 2010 at 18:09

    I expect Heroman to get enjoyable once the final battle starts, but for now it’s a bit of a drag. It’s 80 to 90% exposition, & the rest mildly entertaining action. Nothing more than average so far for me.

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