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#Katanagatari ep8: Mecha vs. Shounen

As usual, there is plenty to touch on in an episode of this series. First of all, Shichika and Togame have become really flirtatious. Though I question whether my description of it is accurate. Flirting? They seem to be in love, as what I used to think was mere flirting feels more like cuddling and play between lovers.

Then there’s the duo of Princess Hitei and Emonzaemon. Her rivalry with Togame seems almost cute as they stood toe to toe exchanging “pleasantries”. But she’s obviously formed an unofficial alliance with Togame to get hold of the Deviant Blades for an unknown purpose. This unofficial alliance appears to be at odds with the truce Togame has with the Maniwani. I’m sorry. The Maniwa Corps is what I should’ve said. It really is easier to go with Maniwani though. Hitei clearly sees them as an obstacle and because of that has smote another of the dwindling ninja corp. I have to mention before I leave this subject how much I love Hitei’s character design. She’s really beautiful in a mesmerizing, scary kind of way. Reminds me somewhat of cobra with blonde hair.

Honestly though, the Sea Turtle dude had a rather lame ninpou. A rapier? I love the weapon itself, it’s incredibly deadly, but I expected something more spectacular. Emonzaemon’s origins don’t surprise me much. “If it walks like a duck” as the saying goes. The guy hops from shadow to shadow and hangs out in an attic. What else could he be?

Togame impressed me this week. I didn’t have much faith in her “schemes” in the beginning. But the more I see of her work, the more I respect it. Eventhough the sword’s power source was pretty obvious, I can’t imagine that being something too well known or understood back in that time (I know, this is a very fantastical alternate reality, but work with me). Plus her ability to decipher the doll’s abilities through the design, while easy to figure out, isn’t easy to do. Figuring out all its intricacies certainly saved Shichika’s life.

As for the doll or sword, I can’t make up my mind as to what I want to call it, it really was a beautiful, and deadly work of art. If it wasn’t such a ruthless killing machine I’m sure I’d love to observe go about its business.

Shichika had a spectacular fight with that …. sword (I’ve made up my mind, I’ll call it a sword from now on), and I couldn’t be more happy to see what turned out to be a battle of attrition. It served as a nice parallel too, to how far Shichika has come these past 8 months. He mentions his bloody victories over some of his early opponents and his ambivalence towards them. And also how things have changed recently. I guess the near murder of a child, the murder of his sister and falling in love will have that effect on someone.

I’m looking forward to these last few months of Katanagatari. We’re in the home stretch and I couldn’t be more excited.
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  1. August 18, 2010 at 11:14

    Fighting scene in these episode is more beautiful than previous episode.
    But ningyo that able fly like helicopter make me lol.

    • August 18, 2010 at 22:21

      Yeah, I pretty much had Shichika’s reaction to the doll’s ability to fly. At that point, I wouldn’t have been surprised if it had a small cannon or focused sunlight into lasers.

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