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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week (August 15th)

My second week in a row of Images of the Week, I think I’m doing quite well.  The event of the week and probably the event of the next few months is One Piece.  The Marineford arc is starting and maybe besides the ending of K-ON!! will probably be the biggest event of the anime year.  Now then, let’s get to it.

  • Caught up on some Fairy Tail this week and enjoyed seeing Juvia and Gajeel join the guild.  I’m looking forward to the next arc since some fans are saying it’s very good.  K-ON!! gave me dreams of maids and witches.  And speaking of witches, I enjoyed a Lucchini-centric episode.  She got to be pretty GAR this week and pulled herself a duchess.  Not bad Lucchini, not bad.

  • I’m kind of embarrassed this week by my manga images of the week.  All I indulged in was shounen jump material.  It was good material, mind you.  But I completely ignored some stuff I need to knock out sooner than later.  Expect some yuri next week.  By the way, how awesome is it to get a fruit that turns you into a T-Rex?

  • Wow.  It only took 3 anime episodes to fill out my Pervy Images of the Week.  This is mostly thanks to Highschool of the Dead.  They threw enough tits and ass into episode 6 to make a hot springs episode blush.  Way to go guys!  Way to put Pornstar to good use.

I hope you guys had a good week of anime and manga.  I sure did.  Next time I promise more dynamic manga images, but just as awesome pervy images.

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