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Check-in Station: DKJ’s annual Harem Hall-of-Fame Induction

One of my favorite and most popular posts before I started my own blog was my Top 20 Anime Chicks posts.  It was a list that included those who believed were the hottest most desirable anime women I’ve come across in my years of watching anime.  But there are a lot of anime coming out all the time, and with the popularity of ecchi and moe series there are always new hotties coming up.  So I decided I’m going to add someone new to my list.  It will be a hall of fame of my favorite anime chicks.

Now I can’t just add any and everybody.  This is important to me.  So I’m gonna have to weigh all the pros and cons and pick the best out of my limited selection of undeniably hot anime chicks.  I decided every time I do this that I’ll have six selections.  Why six?  Because six is a sexy number that’s why.  Now then, who’s being nominated.

  • Ayane Yano (Kimi ni Todoke) – my endearment for her was a slow burn.  It took awhile to get used to her character design and her personality.  She first came off as that classic female bully character in a shoujo series.  But as the series wore on I found her to be not only a beautiful person, but a beautiful personality.  I’ll just say that I’d definitely like to meet someone like her in real life.
  • Tomomi Saikyou (Ladies versus Butlers!) – cute, delicious and scary!  She’s such a calculating, conniving personality, but she has such a cute face and a surprisingly natural body in a series full of exaggerated buxom women.  And believe me, in life and anime I definitely enjoy natural.

  • Hideyoshi Kinoshita (Baka to Test to Shokanju) – Hideyoshi is Hideyoshi damn it!  And Hideyoshi deserves to be in this list.  Have you seen Hideyoshi in a cheongsam?!  Smoking hot!  It’s hard to not notice a hot Hideyoshi pass you by.

  • Liang Qi (Canaan) – personally, I don’t find psychosis and murderous intent particularly attractive.  But sometimes, it’s all about the body.  Always running around in a cheongsam with those beautiful legs, I have to say that I was quite mesmerized.  Not to mention I hate princess-type characters and she really put a hurting on one of those in Canaan.

  • Korone (Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou) – a nerd’s dream come true.  I think it’s her attitude and her dry, sharp wit that makes her stand out.  Not to mention she’s terribly cute and has that inconveniet/convenient bunny tail.  She can hang out in my closet any day.

  • Haruka Nishida (Kanamemo) – I know in the background there were two lesbians going at it hard in this anime, but Haruka was the object of my affection.  I mean despite the negatives of her being girl-loving pedophile and a sloppy drunk, she was quite cute and big natural… “glasses” that I found quite cute and bouncy.  She kinda reminded me of my wife.

Now I just want to know who would you pick out of these six to put in my harem?  And what six anime characters would you pick to put in yours?  I’ll tell you my winner at the beginning of September.

  1. August 14, 2010 at 11:50

    Ayano, hands down. I agree her personality was great and she ended up being my favorite character by the end of the show.

    As for my own? I’d have to think about it. But since I already have a waifu the point seems moot. ;P

    • August 14, 2010 at 15:55

      Ayano represents a special type of classy woman. I could’ve put any BBB (Big Breasted Bimbo) in this list, but she demonstrates that a waifu really needs to be about more than tropes, moe or bulbous assets. It sounds like you understand that. 🙂

  2. tehnominator
    August 15, 2010 at 18:20

    Ayane for me, because she has that sexy Sawashiro Miyuki voice backing her up.

    • August 17, 2010 at 10:36

      I forgot about her voice actress, probably because I was too busy staring at her photos. Leave it up to you to pick out the voice performance.

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