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Check-in Station: Pervy Manga Review (Spanking, Flashing & Wanking)

Given most of my postings and favorites, I can forgive people for thinking most of what I watch is shounen fight anime, mecha and cutesy moe filled goodness.  But I’m more diverse than that, and I always encourage people to do the same.  That’s why I’m writing this post.  One of my greatest pleasures is introducing people to new anime and manga series that they eventually enjoy.  I’m just hoping some of you are pervs and like the dirty stuff this time.  So as not to delay any further, here are the pervy manga that I’m reading at the moment.  Find these on a favorite scanlation site, except for Sundome which I know for a fact is available on Amazon.com at least.  Enjoy.
    • Nana to Kaoru:

this series has been a huge surprise.  A simple episodic story about a bondage fetish and the ridiculous reason for someone to participate in it, Nana to Kaoru shows depth.  I’m only about thirty chapters into its run, but I’ve enjoyed the characters, the comedy, and the “breathers” are generally exquisite. It has taken generally unlikable archetypes, like the lecherous and creepy Kaoru, and the uptight, stuckup Nana, and made them interesting characters.  It is my favorite pervy manga right now.

    • Yuria 100 Shiki:

this show is somewhat of a guilty pleasure.  It is extremely episodic, and the characters aren’t normally the brightest or most realistic.  But the beauty of this series is that that doesn’t really matter.  Yuria 100 Shiki thrives in its outrageous, outstanding absurdity.  You just can’t find these situations in another series.  It’s a classic ecchi, pseudo-harem setup; one guy and several “women” who fight over and attempt to raep him for their goals.  Brilliant quotes like,

“She blocked it with fellatio!” Or “If it hurts I’ll smack you.” Will stick with me for a long time because of this show.

    • Sundome:

perhaps the most bizarre of the pervy manga I read.  While characters are a mix of intriguing to supremely annoying, and the plot enjoys playing hide and seek so often that you regularly lose track of it, it is one of the most enticing and arrousing manga I’ve read.  The humor can, at times, be absolutely laugh out loud funny.  The main draw and point of this story is the relationship between our two main characters and the mystery surrounding one.  This show is strange in that often arrouses you with the very risque material, and then doesn’t hesitate to remind us of the dark cloud hanging over the entire story.

Further Reading:
  • If you’re interested in a more in depth review of the material for Sundome, check here.

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