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DonKangolJones’ Images of the Week (August 8th)

I  haven’t done my Images of the Week updates in awhile, so I’ve got quite a bit of catching up to do.  But the time off did give me a little time to think.  I’m still gonna shove my collages into this post with some small descriptors.  But the title image will be the image I pick as the cream-of-the-crop.  The very best, or at least, my favorite image from all the material in the week.  Or in this case, pretty much the past month.  Enjoy.

  • The past month I’ve slowed down my regular anime watching to catch up with some series I’ve fallen behind on, namely K-ON.  That’s reflected in the collage, along with another outstanding episode from Katanagatari.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised all around by the material I’ve watched.  Ichigo Mashimaro is a contender for biggest surprise of the year for a series I’ve watched along with CATSHITONE.  If you’re not watching the stuff  you see in the collage then you’re way behind.  There are classics airing now; classics that I’m sure are going to appear outside of Japan.

  • Though these images are from the past month, they’re very representative of what I’ve been reading even this past week.  One Piece remains the king of shounen manga, easily.  Oda has won me over in the past year as a very, very gifted artist and storyteller.  There’s so much anticipation in the world of One Piece fandom that you’d think this was a brand new series.  But Bleach and Naruto have shown flashes of good material.  Quite appropriately Kishimoto has answered some big, and long lingering questions about the world he’s built.  And Naruto’s latest family reunion was quite an emotional affair.

  • And finally the pervy images of the week, I haven’t read much of them the past month, but I was able to gather enough “quality” images for this post.  Don’t worry, no girls were spied on, groped, molested or spanked in the making of this post.  It’s just entertainment.
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