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Check-out Station: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou (“The Decadence of Akuto”)

I’m not a big fan of the now popular twelve to thirteen episode format of most anime adaptations.  It works well for certain types of shows.  Comedies and incomplete manga adaptations get a more fair shot at showing their true potential in this format.  But too often I feel like there aren’t enough slow, enjoyable moments for the characters to develop and distinguish themselves.  It’s a good thing that this show is such a fun, senseless ride that you don’t really notice.   I’d say this show did a wonderful job teasing its potential without disappointing.  It’s a sampler plate of almost everything you’d want in an anime, so it doesn’t force you to deal with any one element for too long.  A gift and a curse.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou or as I’ll call it from now, Daimaou has been nothing but a delicious cake covered in all sorts of things I love about anime.  The easy on the eyes character designs, the ecchi humor that makes good use of it, the bad ass over the top action of the show’s combat. If there’s anything I’ve learned with my exposure to more diverse anime; it’s that I love a good ecchi series.  And honestly, you could label this series one depending on the episode.

I’ve come across plenty of series where the ecchi fanservice just feels out of place and unnecessary.  Sometimes it’s just plain tasteless.  Daimaou does a good job of blending it into the series.  Then again when the series is as outrageous as this one, you can use the phrase “blending in” with a loose connotation. The ecchi uses the harem angle and the characters distinct personalities to justify ridiculous situations and excuses for any and all types of mayhem.  Whether it be  a sexy android’s oddly placed and designed “off-switch” to a witch’s ability to control tentacled hentai monsters with her undergarments and a whip.  Great pleasure seems to be taken from parodying elements from other anime and enticing the viewer.   It falls well into the trend of over the top ecchi series like Kanokon, Ladies versus Butlers, and B Gata H Kei.  But like I said, this show isn’t purely ecchi.  It’s set in an interesting world with an appropriately outrageous, though underused premise.

It’s not of much note to say that something reminds me of the Matrix, so I won’t linger on that.  The premise here revolves around fate.  Sai Akuto is fated to be the next Demon Lord, and he doesn’t want to be one.  You would think that would help him not be a demon lord.  You would be wrong.  Everyone in this world believes wholeheartedly that this guy is going to be the demon lord, and react accordingly.  All this just pushes him closer to that goal despite his best efforts.  I honestly grew quite annoyed with everyone’s ability to be so thoroughly fooled.  But it didn’t hurt my enjoyment of the show.

The show is rather loose and sloppy in the action department.  As often as the show would display fast and furious action, it would also devolve into choppy and inconsistent animation.  This problem isn’t unique in any sense to this anime, but I still find it vexing.

The biggest plus in this series for me was the female cast.  Separately, these females aren’t a particularly stand out group, with the exception of Korone.  But together they make possibly the most useful and appealing harem I’ve ever seen.  They’re very easy on the eyes and would kick much ass as part of your party in a role playing game.  It got to a point where I was starting to get a little jealous of Akuto with all those delicious women hanging all over him.

You just gotta love a show like Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou.  It taps into the things I enjoy about anime; the action, the women, the humor and the overall fun factor.  It’s not a great series, just a fun one, but that’s enough for me to recommend it to almost anyone.

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