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Check-out Station: B Gata H Kei (“Ya-Yamadaaaa!”)

I rarely over the course of a season make a complete 180 while watching a show.  And when I say that, I mean I go from loathing the concept of a series to loving and even recommending it.  It managed to entertain me in a way I thought was only possible in the manga with the pervier series I read. This show was introduced to me in the worst possible way I can think of, I heard about it on Twitter, through Twitpic.  That pic right above this paragraph.  Seeing that, there’s only so many ways you can take it.  My take was that I had hoped that she would meet some horrible end, and what I thought was even more important was that this show didn’t become some big inexplicable hit.  There wasn’t much of anything endearing about this show to begin with, the characters didn’t seem likable or relatable; the humor was sure to revolve around some over the top, tasteless gags; and the plot was sure to be some underdeveloped shriveled up, neglected mess.  And strangely I was right, it just became of matter of “does it matter?”

As I said, the character started off less than likable for me.  Yamada (first name withheld for some inexplicable reason) is the main character.  Everything revolves around her and her poorly conceived concept of self and sex.  Her main goal in high school is not to get into a good university (too thoughtful, too responsible).  It’s not to get a hot, attentive boyfriend (too normal, she’s not normal).  Her goal as is now famously know, is to have 100 sexual partners.  For anyone short of a pornstar, prostitute or the great Hugh Hefner himself, that’s one hell of a goal.  What caused her to be this way is beyond my knowledge, it was never addressed during the show.  She’s unbelievably selfish, stupid, cowardly, horny as hell and clumsy enough to make me wonder why she hasn’t killed herself or at least been injured by one of the ravenous, carnivorous cars that frequently roam the animated streets of Japan (watch enough anime, you’ll know what I mean).  I suppose without other influences she really would become a promiscuous slut.  And by other influences, I mean she has the good fortune to have good people around her.

I didn’t really care much for the other people in Yamada’s life either.  Her best friend Miharu Takeshita has “awesome boobage”, but seemed boring and I couldn’t understand how her and Yamada ended up as friends.  Along with her normal, boring life, she has a great boyfriend, with whom she has satisfying, healthy sex.  Complete opposite of Yamada it seems like.  It turns out that normalcy is a good counterbalance to Yamada and her sex crazed delusions.  It becomes especially funny when Yamada’s stupidity starts to haunt her.

Arguably, the other main character is Kosuda Takashi, and man does this guy fit the harem guy lead role well.  He’s a wimp, terribly indecisive, wouldn’t know what to do with a girl if she hopped on his face (literally).  He’s boring and plain and a virgin.  In this show, those all count against you.  I honestly grew frustrated with him several times watching this series.  And it wasn’t just because he had two very attractive women vying for his affection and didn’t know what to do with them.  That’s become commonplace in my anime viewing.  It was because he could underplay or fudge up seemingly any situation.  The worst moment was when a hot guy joined him and Yamada on a date & he was dismissed.  I had to hop up, point at the TV and say, “you’re dead to me, dude!  You’re dead to me.”  No man should allow that.  So if I have so many complaints about the main characters, then you probably wonder why  could hint at liking this show so much.  That’s easy to explain.  It’s not where they start, but where they are and where they’re headed.

In the beginning, Yamada and Kosuda were just two terrible and inadequate personalities that came together by chance, but didn’t blend at all.  Yamada couldn’t even remember his face at first, and Kosuda probably would’ve never  gotten to know her if not for fortunate circumstances.  By episode 3, I started to understand where they were going with this.  And by the end of this show, I realized that these two were the best things that could’ve happened to each other.  Yamada’s starting to discover love and has shown real (inexplicable for any other reason) dedication towards Kosuda.  Think about it.  DEDICATION.  That’s a real step for someone was, like John Calipari, focused on a bunch of one-and-doners .  And Kosuda has started to make real steps towards becoming a man and asserting himself.  He’s starting to understand Yamada (another huge step, since she’s very honestly messed up in the head, and definitely not a normal girl), but he too has a long way to go.

In the end, I have to approve of this show and its message of caring and understanding.  It turned what was assumed to be cheap ecchi gagfest into an entertaining and endearing romantic comedy.  The gags are still outrageous and in all honesty can be very vulgar and blunt, but it has enough style and wit to keep you watching without too much embarrassment.  If someone asks me point blank if I recommend B Gata H Kei, I will tell them this.  Come for the crazy comedy, stay for budding romance.

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  1. tehnominator
    July 8, 2010 at 12:39

    “Come for the crazy comedy, stay for budding romance.”

    You pretty much summed up my feelings about the series in that one line.

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