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Check-in Station: Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou eps 1-5 (The Reluctant Badass)

Every now and then, a show presents itself to me plainly and boldly. It says, this is who I am and I’m only going to get better. I have everything you want and I’m going to make into something awesome.  What is it that is going be awesome per se?  It doesn’t say.  It could mean an element of the show, it could be the characters, it could be the plot, it could be the series in its entirety.   But it guarantees the awesome.  That’s what Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou does.   This show tries to mix everything you love together and guarantees the awesome.

I’ll state this immediately so as to avoid confusion.   This show is a hybrid, a mish-mash of genres.   Words like coming-of-age, shounen, comedy and action are easily conjured while watching.   But so are words like harem, fantasy, ecchi and mahou.   I’d almost venture to say the slice-of-life genre pokes its head out as well, but this show isn’t nearly as slowly paced.   It wouldn’t be a stretch either to say that whoever wrote this has read or seen Harry Potter.  This incongruous guy just shows up as the most polite and responsible person you’ll ever meet.  Full of hope and pride and faith in the future, but it doesn’t take long for everything to go straight to hell. Literally.  He’s classified but some funny bird as the next demon lord.   A being that will bring chaos, destruction and pain to the entire world.   And the whole plot revolves around this premonition.   Whether you consider this a self fulfilling prophecy or not, Sai (first name last) Akuto is riding fate for the ride of his life.   And this ride is guided, conducted and cheered forwarded by possibly my favorite element of the show.  Akuto’s harem.

Maybe it’s his cursed fate, his good looks (I’m just saying) or the completely badass streak he goes on when he uses his magic in a stressful situation, but chicks love this guy.  All the hottest chicks, too.  Seriously, he has the most impressive harem I’ve seen.   Junko is the classic tsundere character with added samurai traits and that strict bushido code to go along with it.   Her blue hair quickly makes her one of my favorites along with the fact that she’s ecchi gold.   Her body is just appealing through and through.

There’s also Keena who is apparently deeply attached to his past in some form.   Her bubbly personality, magic specialties and incredible usefulness make her hard to not like.   Her added ecchi bonus comes from the fact that she can disappear, but she can only make herself disappear (if you know what I mean).  I believe she’s far more aware and intelligent than her clown role and airhead personality let on.   There’s Korone a special race of android that’s supposed to be Akuto’s less than subtle surveillance, but more often than not is his willing accomplice and toolbox.   Not to mention she has some of the best comedic moments in the series so far.   She’ll remind you a bit of another android from a popular show about a teenage god, but I’m not about to get into comparing shows.   Besides these three, Akuto’s harem has grown considerably in only 5 episodes. The strong and diverse female cast, plus their considerably high “ecchi points” (their ability to add sexiness and appeal to a show, I made that up) go a long way towards making this a fun show.

The factor that makes this show so enjoyable is Akuto’s badassness and ignorance.  And when I mean ignorance, I mean ignorance of his powers and the school’s customs.   This guy wants to be a priest, but is as deadly and powerful as they come. It is important to all aspects of the show.   Whether he’s doing a simple exercise in magic, or defending himself from an irrate classmate; his demon lord abilities lead to insane and disasterous results and misunderstandings.   Craters, crushed buildings, broken bones and hearts can all be results of a mere flick of his wrist.   I honestly have sympathy for the poor guy being in this school.  It seems as though everyone hates him and/or is trying to use him.   Everything he does is unintentionally confirming that he is the demon lord of legend. But in the end, it all serves him well.  Akuto grows only more powerful as each episode passes I can’t wait see what the world of this show is gonna be like at the end of this season.

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou is definitely going to be continued past the 5 episode grace period.  So far it has proven itself to be a hilarious, sexy, butt-kicking orgy of fun.   I doubt fans won’t find something to enjoy in this series.

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