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Check-in Station: Bleach ep273 (Bleach you’re dying right before my eyes)

This show has a serious problem.  Of the Big 3, One Piece has surprisingly entertaining filler that at times seems to give more detail on what’s going on in that world, rather than feeling like a pointless recycling of bad plot or retconning of an established character’s abilities.  And Shippuuden, for better or worse, has got a very good distance between itself and the manga.  I’d say the manga is about 2 arcs ahead of its anime sibling.  But Bleach, damn it, is right on top of its source material.  As much as I’ve loved Kubo’s base concepts and ideas.  His style isn’t helping things.

What happens in a manga’s chapter of Bleach compared to a chapter of One Piece is so dramatically different that it’s almost shameful.  To better illustrate my point, it is like a difference of 5 minutes of anime material and 15 to 20 minutes.  I know he’s trying to give things atmosphere with his pace and style, but things come across as sparse and plain.  In a way, Bleach is too clean (no pun intended).
The battle for the King’s Key is supposed to involve multiple high level shinigami and hollow fighting in the same very small amount of territory.  Despite this fact, it very much feels like a series of  one on one fights in a vortex (there’s one exception).  It’s all very formulaic.  Every captain must show some incredible ability, but have a conversation before they fight.  Every Espada must have a background story (except for Ulquiorra for some strange reason).  And everyone must stare at each other and debate something.  I’ve already learned that these high level Espada are all nothing but cannon fodder anyway.  So move it along already!
At the pace this story is moving along not many people are going to care.  It’s almost like Hunter X Hunter, except Kubo doesn’t have the excuse as that manga-ka.  And there are no hiatuses sucking the life out of excitement.  No, it’s just that it moves so long and has gotten so convoluted that I’m not sure how much I still care.
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