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Check-in Station: Heroman eps 1-9 (Happiness is a butt kicking robot and serving Stan Lee coffee)

Take one kid’s dream, make it plausible by any means necessary, logic be damned and serve it up with the salt of innocence and the spice of nemesis. That is how Stan Lee’s formula has been for many of his properties. Heroman follows that formula to a tee.   Now when applied to the medium of japanese animation how will that translate?   Is Heroman just an uninventive name for an uninventive show?   Or is Heroman really living up to its moniker?

Honestly, the show is floating just above average for me.  The pacing has gotten into a rhythm of working out the plot for seventy to eighty percent of the episode and then punctuating it with action near the end, the exception of course being episodes eight and nine.   And I can’t say that it is terribly inventive.   The Skrugg seem like an alien race of cockroaches inspired by Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Some of the characters seem terribly one dimensional and neurotic.

On the other hand, the show shows signs of evolution and all the elements for this show to be great are there.   The basic concept of a boy getting his own big, strong and helpful robot to save and protect is appealing.   The animation is simple but quite good.   And the action at its peak is entertaining.   At times you’ll be surprised by the sharpness of the humor and its self-awareness.

For now, Heroman is an average mecha show that if it ended now would be terribly forgettable.   But it’s not over yet, and this show has shown over time that it has potential.   It’s only a matter of time before we find out if this show has hit its stride, or if it’s just taking a long walk.

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I’m not the only one who doesn’t think this show lives up to its potential.

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