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Check-in Station: Angel Beats eps 1-5 (Idiots, Angels and Song)

Talking about hanging on, for ever episode of Angel Beats that I’ve watched I’ve tried to categorize it and figure out why I enjoy it.   It has not been easy.  For all the expectations and comparisons revolving around it, Angel Beats isn’t easy to describe or categorize.   I’m tempted to say that it is a “what if” story of the afterlife if Haruhi wasn’t god, but hated god instead.   But that’s seems too plain and simple.   It appears to be a show about teenagers dealing with life and death, all while they exist in a setting that seemingly mocks the concept.

The concept of Angel Beats is something that I utterly loved when I heard it.  Dead people rebelling against god; rebelling against the world god created; rebelling against god’s judgement.   The strange thing is that it takes place in such a mundane setting that if the more supernatural aspects of the show weren’t thrown at you from the beginning, you may have a problem believing it.

As is seemingly par for the course, Angel Beats takes place in a high school setting with high school kids.   Its just that these high school kids are dead and while they can suffer the pain and dismemberment of death, in time they’ll be back to normal, seemingly alive.   It makes for great comedy, bringing to mind the old days of American cartoons where it was okay to shoot someone or drop a heavy object on their heads.

By far, my favorite element of this series is the soundtrack.   “My Soul, Your Beats!” is my favorite opening theme from this current season.  And there is a strong and active emphasis on the music.   The show doesn’t revolve around it per se, but the use of a band as a diversionary unit doesn’t feel like a tacked on attempt to appeal to what’s popular.

Where I stand on this series early into it’s run is that it is a quality and unique series that anyone should give a try.   Take its lineage, animation quality and soundtrack and mix it with a unique cast of idiots and you’ll get good fun and entertainment.  I’m still waiting for that standout episode that makes it memorable.   Hopefully I’ll have that to talk about once I finish this series and “Check out”.

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