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Check-out Station: Ookami Kakushi (“A drop in the pool”)

If anyone reading this has seen my tweets regarding Ookami Kakushi, then you know I regularly describe it as a show about horny teenage wolves. It’s not that bad. The problem isn’t the show description being simplified though. The problem is the show being a bit too simplified for me. It didn’t seem to complete what it came to do. Entertain me.

Ookami Kakushi seemed like a strange watch for me from the beginning. I loathed some aspects of it from the start, and was still intrigued enough by the atmosphere and potential to keep going. But in the end I felt that I was right to judge this as a merely average show from the beginning.

My main problem was with the Hiroshi Kuzumi. He seems like a decent brother, a decent son and a decent classmate with a decent personality. He’s as bland as it comes. The only notable thing about him, and I stress the word only, is his scent which seems to drive these wolf people crazy. He practically does nothing throughout the entire show. He might as well have been a pot full of wolf hormones that people moved from point to point in town.

The ending also underwhelmed me. In the end, it comes down to a cliched act by a cliched villain, who ends up in a rather predictable situation. I will admit that he had a rather poetic end, but even that was underwhelming because I didn’t believe that the characters involved were developed that much.

Ookami Kakushi was an underwhelming experience not only in the end, but throughout.  That’s why I’d describe it as a drop in the pool.  For me this series will come and go like so many others.  And besides the time I spent watching it, the show won’t leave an impression on me at all.  I’d never tell anyone not to watch a series because I think everyone has to see something for themselves. But I wouldn’t feel bad if you didn’t stick around for the entire run. If you feel as though things aren’t getting better, or are getting worse, be rest assured it is. I won’t be buying this, let alone keeping anything like this on my hard drive or in my cache.

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