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Check-out Station: Ladies versus Butlers! (the “Every Female in this show needs to be in my harem” Edition)

Xebec is starting to develop a brand of something I’m willing buy. And that’s outrageous comedic ecchi with voluptuous girls and pleasing art. I loved Kanokon for its over the top perviness. The comedy usually comes from establishing the characters & their quirks and then devising a “plot” to exploit those elements to shock you & make you laugh. Well hello! That’s Ladies vs. Butlers!

There are plenty of elements that I love in this show. The art is colorful, cute and appealing. Everything is very bouncy and curvy and looks as though it has volume. It works very well for an ecchi anime because it really accentuates the characters’ assets. Boobs, butts, cheeks, everything looks grabbable (don’t think that’s a real world but I refuse to whip out the thesaurus) and succulent. Perfect for all the pervs who watch this show (me).

The characters are a rather diverse mix of women with a few men and even a reverse trap thrown in. It was nice that only one character worked my nerves. If I had a favorite character, it would be Saikyo. I enjoyed her more natural look in show that seemed to accentuate the two extremes of anime chicks. Voluptuous and loli. Not to mention her twisted, manipulative personality is all too familiar to my more personal acquaintances and family. My favorite character design would have to go to the Shikigami sisters, Sanae specifically. Something about those golden eyes and green hair that really appeal to me. Her clumsy self can fall on me anytime. Just so long as she doesn’t have anything hot or sharp in her hands!

The only element that I didn’t like was Toichiro, one of the few guys in this show. I had trouble figuring out the point of this flaming fruit, besides making me uncomfortable. Shingo at times also got on my nerves because he proved to be too much of a horndog and too little of a character for me throughout most of the show. Though he did have some truly hilarious moments.

To round out the last of my minor complaints would be the main character Hino. He’s oblivious and that is comes as no surprise considering he’s in a pseudo harem. But throughout most of the show he shows that he is a really good guy. It’s just that at the end of the show his obliviousness is taken to ridiculous levels, and it sincerely irked me and probably most of the viewing audience as well.

All in all, Ladies vs. Butlers was a very entertaining show that did an excellent job of filling in the ecchi fanservice niche that I indulge in so joyously. It was probably my third favorite show from the Winter 2010 season and consistently helped me fill my Pervy Images of the Week posts. I’ll highly recommend this show for anyone who enjoys good ecchi and carefree humor. I can’t wait for the Blu-ray/DVD extras. OH BOY!

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